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Anti-Estrogen Fatloss Product for Women

I posted this in a thread below - not specifically about women so i figured maybe some discussion on this…I am somewhat intrigued…

I was just looking at a product yesterday at the local store, that was basically the same pro-hormone (or a slightly different version) that they used in HAVOC (sp?) marketed to women as an anti-estrogen/fat loss agent. its called VIXEN by Elemental Nutrition in a nice pink bottle.

I could not find it online to research the ingredients. The store clerk, who is fairly knowledgable from previous encounters, said he has several fitness chicks on this product and they love it, however the estrogen backlash at the end means you have to have your diet in check when you come off…not sure what I would think about that pathway of fat loss for a woman.

Its an anabolic steroid. There is a chance for women developing masculine features.

Any anabolic steroid would accelerate fat loss if the diet is in check.

And that statement about needing the diet in check at the end to ‘deal with(?)’ the “estrogen backlash” is very misguided.