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anti-establishment hypertrophy

whats happnen all. i cam across this t-mag article about this anti-estab. hypertrophy and iam wanting to give it a try. i have a question though. day 1 says 10 set for both chest/back.3reps. can i do say 5 different excercises @ 2 sets/3reps, or 2 exc. 5sets/3reps or just 1 for chest/1 for back. or does it matter as long as its 10 sets of 3 supersets. if you can help thanks.

  1. Don’t love to be sore. Love to make progress.

  2. Don’t mess too much with the program (which is called The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program. Might help to get the name right when asking for advice.)

  3. The more effort you put into your post, the more effort people will put into answering it. Therefore, here’s my effort:

You should… hey, Cowboy Up is on CMT! Yee Haw!

Is eStab a new way to get a vitamin S injection over the internet?

Instructions: Stick ass against the monitor, click mouse. :wink:

Why not try the program, if after 5-6 weeks it doesn’t suit your needs modify it, or try another one?

i actually like that name.

its hardcore bodybuilding and anti PC bullshit at the same time.

god damn comformists!

Stick to one compound movement for all 10 sets and the hypertrophy response will be much better. Trust me.