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I was wondering what everybody’s take was on the use of Clomid for its anti-estrogenic properties? I hear some negative feedback regarding the female-like feelings when on it but personally have never felt this. If doing a cycle while only having Clomid on hand would it be ok to take 50mg/day only when the nipples start to itch and then the same mg every day from there after? I plan to use the Clomid for post cycle recovery starting with 300mg on day 1, 100mg day 2-14, and then 50mg from 15-28. I guess my main question is will Clomid be enough to prevent all negative estrogenic feedback? So as not to leave out anything I plan on using Test Cyp 500mg weeks 1-7, Equipoise 300mg weeks 1-5, Tren 75mg weeks 5-9, and Winstrol tabs 100mg/day weeks 5-9 starting the Clomid reovery on week 10.

Unless you’re really suceptible to gyno, the clomid should be fine. You’re not taking a lot of drugs that can cause gyno. The winny and the tren wont at all, and the EQ only to a small extent. The test will be your only big concern, and at 500/wk clomid should be more than sufficient. Always a good plan to have some nolvadex on hand but you should be able to get away with just your clomid. There are no guarantees in this business mind you.


I still don’t see a “choice” in using Nolvadex or Clomid. In my opinion, use both…ALWAYS. The Tren/Fina is going to shut you down hard. During PCT, the main hormone in your system will be estrogen. You can’t juggle and hope and plan that your Clomid will work SO well and perfectly to get your system working again up to par with no glitches. Like Justin said, there are no guarantees in this business. Until your Clomid is taking its full effect, use Nolvadex to ward off any possible side effects that may occur during PCT. Good luck.


I’m not tryiing to jack this thread, but I’d like to interject a related?
BTW I think it might have been asked before. Anyway, I hate clomid and have expressed my hatred for it on 2 seperate threads, each posted after the only 2 cycles I’ve done.

Started at 300 mgs day 1, 100 mgs rest of the week, then down to 50 mgs. By late day 2 is where I usually start to notice the sides.

This time I only ran clomid for a week with nolva/500-700 mgs long jack+ Tribex. Despite my WICKED randiness, could it be possible/likely that my LH test levels are still low. I’m imagining that the only way to be sure would be by having a blood test.

I don’t think I will be using clomid for any future cycles, just going with Nolvadex. I haven’t had any gyno problems so clomid has worked fine for me as far as that goes, however, I have had some nice acne breakouts while using it as well as turning into an emotional wreck at times. Of course you might not experience any of these sides, but they are not fun for me.