Anti-E's, Acne and Accutane

O.K. Here are some questions for anyone who has ever dealt with acne:

You get on a heavy androgen like test, you start developing some acne towards the end of our cycle, not too bad, though; then, you end your cycle and get on Clomid and your acne just blows up!

Any body ever had this happen to them?

You take doxycyline for about a month with only minimul results, then your doctor suggests Accutane.

What I’m wondering is if anyone here ever had to do a course of Accutane, and if so, how did that work for you and what were the side affects.

Also, is it not smart to do another cycle while on Accutane, even if you just take an anablic like Primo or Anavar… and, if that would be OK, what about EQ or maybe Deca… I just don’t want to have to be off for another 5 months.

Thanks everybody!


Blaster, I understand where you’re coming from as I unfortunately had terrible acne as a teen. I did a 6 month protocol of accutane 4 years ago and to this day I have yet to get a major breakout…I’ll get an occassional zit here and there(even when on AAS), but nowhere near how I used to. For me, it was the best decision I made…But keep in mind that accutane should be used as a last resort for extremely harsh cases of acne. I tried 3or4 different acne meds before starting the accutane and none of them worked.
It does come w/ some sides however…I only experienced very dry skin/lips and became ultra sensitive to sunlight…Even now I have to watch it or I’ll get sunburn.
My advice is to not run an oral AAS while on accutane as accutane itself is hepatoxic. LMK if you have any q’s.


i was on accutane for roughly a 4-5 month cycle back when i was 19-20. Had acne breakouts as a result from puberty, not supplement related. While on it i experienced extermely dry flaking skin, and was rather pale looking for the most part. I know there are issues with possible joint pain, depression, and im sure there are more. At the time my acne flared up after using a type of cleasning product. I did not necessairyly need accutane, but i went for the closest to “sure thing” It cleared up pretty much everything, but i stll get ocassionals, nothing large or anything, just real small stuff in the “facial hair” region. It’s been aout 6 years now, still have some dry skin issues every once in awhile on my face, but im still able to be in the sun and not burn. Thats about all i have to offer, i know the medication isnt cheap, and you have to have blood tests once a month if i recall. Hope this helps in some way

THE Mike Katz?

[quote]apayne wrote:
THE Mike Katz?[/quote]

HaHaHa…Nah bro, I wish I had chest development like he did…My arms are bigger than his though:)


Don’t mean to highjack but…
I’ve read that Katz’s ribcage was said to have held him back. Being that his chest cavity was so large, it made his arms and shoulders look small and disproportionate. Obviously, this was through no fault of his own. Others have said his chest was best quality. What do you think?

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I have had some acne since pubert, but my last cycle really put it over the top. I tried some things and just wasn’t getting the results…

But I’m kinda wondering if anyone hear thinks that clomid attributes to acne?.. I know a few guys who swear that clomid gives them horrible acne and they always go with nolvadex instead… I like Clomid for PCT, but what do you guys think?

Also, I guess you’re supposed to stay away from Vitamin A while on treatment… and my doc said not to take my multi… so what should I do? Is there any multi’s without vitamin A?

And yeah, Mike Katz had big-'ol torso and chest, making his arms look disproportional to his “big base”… I think that that happens to guys sometimes who do strength sports or football and then try and go into bodybuilding- like Katz did


Blaster, I get breakouts when I begin pct, and that is usually the only time lasting about 3 weeks. I have used clomid for pct, but I can’t say for sure whether it contributed to the breakouts. I haven’t used nolvadex yet, so I would suggest maybe you try that first before clomid. I think clomid affects me emotionally as well, as others have stated as well.

I do get minor acne post cycle from clomid…mainly a zit here and there on my shoulders. I think this can be attributed to the rebound of endogenous testosterone.
And mike katz did have an out of proportion physique, but so did a lot of the bbers of the 70’s…that’s why I said I’d like to have just his CHEST.


When I went to my doc some years ago for acne treatment (ended up on doxycycline), and he said the best thing to do was put me on the pill - as in birth control…

uhhh… no thanks doc!

Well, to some extent, an anti-e is somewhat like the opposite of the pill (which is essentially straight estrogen and sometimes progesterone if I remember correctly).

It’s a bit late for my brain to be figuring out why exactly the anti-e may be thus contributing to acne, but I’m sure you can see the link I’m alluding to.