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I searched the forum engine w/ little success about OTC or herbal anti-e. Does anyone have experience using these in place of clomid, nolva, or arim with real 'roids? Wondering b/c I am planning a cycle and the only aromatizable AAS will be Dbol. Depending upon how effective these are will play into dosing - though was looking at a small dose of 25mg ed. Comments appreciated…

I used vitex awhile back when I was on 750mg of sus. But to be honest, I dont think I would get gyno on a gram of sus/week without anti-e’s. So I dont know how much help I am. All I know is that vitex and tribex did nothing to restore my test levels after a cycle.

Look up Biotest product called “M” and some people use ErgoPharms 6 OXO I reccomend you find a real antiestrogen if you can. Check out old post on the search engine for places that you can get clomid, nolvadex, armidex etc… I used M b4 and it seems to work better than nothing but you are best to find the real deal if you are planning on much of a cycle. Look a little harder and you can find what you are after

btw you are going to need more than dbol for a cycle. Careful what you asked for on this board they will eat you alive. lol…

i asked the same question a long time ago and rainbow basically told me not to try and reinvent the wheel. if the otc supps worked then we would all use them since they are obviously much cheaper. adex, nolva, clomid, hcg, and the like are proven and deliver everytime. gyno is an expensive and painful lesson to learn.

I have used Vitex and Tribex post cycle with good results. I always use Arimidex during the cycle and Clomid at 50mg / day starting two weeks post cycle for about six weeks. Concurrently with the Clomid, I use five caps of Tribex. I start Vitex after the Clomid and run with the Tribex for three to five additional weeks. I would not try and sub the OTC supps for real anti-E’s though.

Thanks to all, but wanted to respond and answer a few of you. I DO have both clomid and arimidex. However, I wanted to save the Arim for my next bulking cycle in fall of '05. I paid almost $200 for it & wanted to save it when I was going to use alot of Test. (I feel safer planning things that far in advance). As far as the clomid goes I don’t like to use it if I don’t have to (only post recovery). By January my living situation will be ‘more conducive’ to using needles… the cycle will consist of 75mg Tren ed & 40-25mg of Dbol for 6 weeks. So, my only concern would be the aromatization of the Dbol. I wanted to get away w/ using something like ‘M’ with a low dose of Dbol of like 25mg ed. And I would already have the Arim around in an emergency. On a side note: I have gotten away w/ using just ‘M’ on a morning protocol of 25mg of Dbol last summer when I was cutting. However, since this was only an A.M. dosing the ‘M’ was sufficient. My concern was, that while the dose would still be relaitvley low, I was spreading out over the whole day, and would the ‘M’ be enough. Hope all that makes sense. Any other comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have tried using M and to no surprise, it doesn,t prevent gyno. listen to what drago1 said

Squatty will have to clarify, but I’m pretty sure he ran Biotest “M” with Sus and was happy.

I ran it for two weeks with 25mg dbol/day and about 400 cyp a week and some other stuff that doesn’t aromatise and was already having sore nipples. I was double dosing the M too so take it from me IT DOES NOT WORK!