anti e

whats the name of a good anti estrogen to get?? and how close to the end of a 6 week d-bol cycle should i start taking it??

look dude im gonna make this simple for you. before you come here posting questions you should try doing some research first. there are numerous articles on this site and a search engine over to tthe left. use it, you will find more than enough information. you obviously have no knowledge whatsoever in regards to aas usage. do yourself a favor and educate yourself before you jump into something like this.

is this a joke?

Use the search engine and find the thread “Steroid Newbie”. Or just look down the page a bit.

First off I would never start a cycle without
anti-e. But you might want to get nolvadex.To
Run this during cycle. If you don’t you might
have to buy yourself a BRA. Sound like you
need start reading alot. Warhorse just posted a great thread Steroids Newbie thead. Also you might want to read the s-files Constructing a Cycle. Let me tell you this shit is no joke you need learn alot before you just start taking shit. I am 38 and
still reading. I would get more than just Dbol
for a cycle if you going to do it do it right.


Sorry Jay, I just realized i referred you to the same thread twice. It’s nothing personal, this is all explained in the Steroid newbie thread which will direct you to the information you need.

As Antiliberal said, we’re here to help, but we’re not here to do your homework for you.

If you do some research in the search area you will find a great article on the anti e’s. Clomid is always good. Start it about 2 weeks before the end of the cycle. Your doctor may prescribe it for you. 100mg/day for a month along with some andro gel and then 50mg/day for another month.