Anti-E Dose for 1000mg Test Enan/wk?

How much antiestrogens I need for 1000mg test enan. p/w? I already use that dose for 4 months, not any visible side effects so far, blood and urine is ok.

Why a gram? I mean, I have tried it, and it made me feel like shit. I don’t think you get much more over 700mg per week.

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All of them.


Only way to know for sure is to sample the urine. I have found a bitter sharp taste is my sign to start anti estrogen medication. If it still has a mild rubust tatse its probably getting high. If it’s light and airy then I wouldn’t use any.


You are such a troll. You know the excess E2 is not excreted through Urine. Its through semen.


I’ll give you an honest answer, unlike some other jokers here. I would recommend 1mg Arimidex every 2 days, if necessary. That’s my dose when running a gram of test-your mileage may vary.

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1 Gram week for four months? First, please tell me you understand that fairly soon you will need to lower that significantly to a reasonable cruise dose. Assuming you are blasting and cruising as some sort of athlete or body builder. As a regular Joe just running a cycle with that amount is ridiculous.

Now if you don’t have any side effects or show signs of high estrogen then why are you now wanting to add in an Aromatase Inhibitor? If you can run that amount of test and not have signs of high estrogen then count your lucky stars and don’t go trying to figure out an AI dosage. Without signs of high estrogen you will not know what dose you need until you go too high and crash your estrogen. You could just pick some reasonable sounding dosage, take it and provided you don’t show signs of LOW Estrogen then just stick with it.

Unfortunately there is no reference table that tells us X amount of test requires Y amount of arimidex or aromasin. Everyone is different. I will say that from my experience once you get over 750mgs a week of test then all of a sudden guys seem to be sweating estrogen. It’s like 650 mg they don’t need any AI then at 750mg they can’t take enough AI.

From my experience unless you have some reason that you need to take the AI and since you don’t show any signs of high estrogen then trying to dial in an appropriate AI dose is just going to cause problems. Think about it if you start with 0.5mg of arimidex on injection days you are not going to see the results of lowered estrogen since you are not showing signs of high estrogen. Since you don’t know if 0.5 mgs is enough you increase it. You still don’t see any changes since you are not showing signs of high estrogen you will not see those indicators go away. Then you increase again because you don’t know if you are taking enough, you keep doing this until you show signs of crashed aka zero Estrogen. Chances are if you don’t show signs of high estrogen you might not show regular signs of low estrogen too so you will never know what the appropriate dose is without blood work and even then that doesn’t mean that amount of estrogen is ideal for your body and genetics.

I just see a can of worms being opened if you want to try and figure out the exact right dosage when you don’t even show signs of high estrogen. Just my opinion.

If you are just worried about the estrogen and for some unfathomable reason you need to stay at 1 Gram a week of Testosterone then maybe just take 0.5 mg of arimidex on injection days or maybe every other day. As long as you don’t see any crazy reaction to that dose then just stay with it and rest easy that you have lowered your estrogen some bit. You just can’t really dial in the exact dose without having some sign of high estrogen showing so you can watch and see it go away at a given dose. The only way you could dial in a dose is with two weeks at a given dose then getting blood work. Then increasing slightly for two weeks and getting blood work.


This sounds like a really responsible answer to give to some random guy that is probably just dumb enough to listen.

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I honestly can’t tell if your response was meant to be critical of me or my advice. But I stand by what I said, and I added the obvious caveat that it was based off my personal experience. I would agree that 4 months is about the limit to be using the dosages OP is using.

Critical of your advice. Doesnt matter to me what you put in your body. Most guys on here advocate for only having AI’s on hand for up to 500mgs Test per week. Your advice you are giving to him is probably going to result in him tanking his E2. I honestly dont believe anyone has enough information to give a dosage advice to him. There is no sense in him taking an AI without having symptoms.

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If you read my original response, I did say “if necessary.” If he’s not having symptoms of high estrogen, then don’t use an AI. Better yet would be blood work, but I won’t hold my breath for that.

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Am I missing something or didn’t you just ask how to PCT after 6 month cycle?

I guess nothing to lose mentality is your way now…

Now I’m not going to judge you, but if you felt fine on 500mg test, then why not use it and enjoy the quality of life instead of playing around with AI’s and trying to balance out estrogen…

Sometimes more is not better and even then up to a point, don’t miss the sweet spot that’s all I’m sayin’

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