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Anti-E Alone?


OUT OF CURIOUSITY...not considering doing this...just curious. What would happen if someone were to take an anti-e alone. Without any steroid...just take like clomid or something alone for a certain amount of time?


You've got a PM.


Wouldn't it fuck up the normal amount of estrogen your body needs to function right?


I'm curious about this as well, will it have any harmful side effects?


Just taking Arimidex alone can raise your test levels quite a bit.... I guess it's kinda like the "gateway drug" to steroids.


It won't. It's still recommended that you cycle (maybe 3 months on, 2 months off), but there's plenty of studies showing increased testosterone levels when using letrozole or arimidex or other aromatase-inhibitors (not so much anti-e's, though).


This is self-limiting, as it is speculated that the amount of testosterone binding to the AR helps to regulate test production as much as the amount of estrogen binding to the ER.