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Anti - Depressants


i have been on anti-depressants for a little over a year now and really want to slowly decrease my dosages until i am completely done with taking them. i never intended on being on them this long, but there is such a noticeable difference in my mood and my anxiety is completely gone.

is there anyone who was once taking them and now is not? what advice can you give me?



I'm tapering off of mine now.

My schedule is this:

  1. Normal, full dose every day, to...
  2. Alternate full/half dose per day for two weeks.
  3. Half dose per day for two weeks.
  4. Skip one day out of the week.
  5. Skip two non-consecutive days out of the week.
  6. Skip three non-consec days.
  7. Skip four non-consec days.
  8. Skip five days spread out as much as possible.
  9. Skip six days.
  10. Drug free.

If at any point your withdrawal symptoms are keeping you from getting through your days, you repeat the stage you're at for an added week until the withdrawal becomes tolerable.


My best advice is to taper very slowly. I was on them for awhile for pain management (around 8 months or so). I tried to stop cold turkey and got really massive headaches.

I agree with ElbowStrike's plan.


Took anti-depressants for several years and went through hell getting off them. The drugs cause dependency and the withdrawal period can be excruciating and protracted if you've been on them for a long time. I went through six months of pure shit and didn't feel completely recovered until about 16 months after I discontinued. I tapered off for two weeks and that pretty much turned out to be a cold turkey withdrawal in relation to the length of time I had been on them.

I don't know how long you should taper off because you have only been on them for a year and are probably not as dependent as I was. I also don't know anything about your life or problems so I don't know how you'll react to being off them. My genetic advice would be to divide your pills into quarters and cut your dose by 25% per week. Then bite your tongue and tough out the withdrawal period.

Most people will give you the generic advice to "talk to your doctor," but the reality is that most of the assholes prescribing this shit don't actually know anything about it except what they've been spoon-fed by the drug companies who distort medical knowledge in their favor. You will probably not get any good advice on this subject from a doctor.

Getting off the 'meds' was the best decision I ever made and I strongly encourage you to do the same. Antidepressants are disgusting, brain-disabling psychiatric horse shit and it is impossible to have true clarity as long as you are taking them.


If they are obviously correcting some chemical imbalance in your brain, why go off them?


Aside from getting a timetable for reducing your dose, I would strongly advise that you concentrate on getting good sleep, and hitting the gym with a good diet. Give it 6 months, and be extra diligent about structuring your life, and it will pay off well.


Years ago I was on such meds and just quit them cold turkey. I slept alot for a couple of months. But after wards felt so much better. My libido and sex drive improved, I became more outgoing, lost fat.

I have almost no respect for psychiatrists. I think their methods and strategies differ little than psychiatry 200 or 300 years ago - more chemically technologically advanced, but the basic strategy and methods are the same. Plus I don't think the technological advances have improved anything for people suffering mentally at all.


I found this comic after reading this thread:





Can I ask why you want to discontinue the meds if they're making you feel better? Are there side effects that you can't deal with? Please explain. And what are you taking if you don't mind me asking?




I agree with everyone else in regards to if they work, why stop??? But if you insist to continue on your plan, it's best if you rely on your own pharmacology research to plan everything.

What is it? There are hundreds of antidepressants out there. A name would be helpful.


I just want to chime in to say I'm glad you're getting off of the meds.