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Anti-Boy T-Shirts


The most contentious – and most popular – style reads “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them,” and features a hapless character named Todd (as in Todd Goldman,) with stones flying in his direction.

“We did $250,000 last week just on the Internet, of which probably $200,000 was just this one graphic,” Goldman said. “It is our No. 1 selling T-shirt.”

did’t realize it was so profitable to ‘hate men’…


Easy solution. If you see a girl wearing an anti-boy shirt, bang her…assuming she’s of age. And by that I mean 17, right P-dog:-)

I’m launching my t-shirts next week.
They contain phrases like

“minorities are stupid, ship them back to their country of origin in a box”.

“Don’t trust the blacks”.

“Jews are evil”.

“women are ruthless cunts”.


give or take…

Wideguy – ha!

Its true tho, women get mad if you don’t bang them enough. I’m trying to do my share, but i’m only one guy.


This is just one more blow to men in the ongoing feminization of society! One more reason why I contribute to this forum! And purchase Biotest products.

I had a few tee’s made up here in Australia by a girlfriend of mine… they get a few looks… stern and otherwise…

Two of my fav’s are…

Front: I don’t kiss on the first date
Back: I fuck

Front: Save a virgin, bang me instead

These are saved for outdoor gigs and concerts etc…

:slight_smile: Chess

LMAO!!! You guys are hilarious.

I like this one.

And this

And this one too.

Ericka: wow, you have a great sense of humor. I bet you have a lot older brothers.

Young girls who wear shirts saying “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!” are probably not too popular with boys in the first place!

Chester blu,

I have one:

Front: You Suck!

Back: I Swallow!

It is also saved for concerts, biker poker runs…takes a special crowd to appreciate it.

One of my favorites… Is this considered “Anti-boy”?

And my next acquisition…

Nope, no older brothers. I just think this stuff is funny and I don’t buy into all that feminist b.s.

Iron Maiden…

Yes it does take a certain crowd to appreciate that girls can be just as crass!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about getting one done up that says…


In really big letters and underneath it in brackets… (now that I’ve got your attention…)


Todd had it coming. He did after all promise little Franny Brett that he would “Make her scream” then proceeded to pull her hair and steal her bike.

I am certain that our T-men are NOT getting all fucking sensitive to what amounts to some fairly accurate albeit juvenile yucks at our expense are we?

I mean, Christ, have you taken a good look at yourselves and our fellow “boys” recently?..I mean, last I checked, I think I actually DID have cooties…or was that the clap…I always mix those two up…Damn.

And to be honest from my experience in the change rooms at my Gyms…we DO fucking stink.

The day any strong, well-balanced secure MAN lets a freaking T-shirt be an “instrument of oppression” I think it may just be time to pack up your pretensions of manhood and join the touring edition of “A Night with YMCA - A tribute to the most influential group of gay men outside of the San Francisco City Council” (I mean no slight or offense to any in the crowd tonight…I mean not that there is anything wrong with being…a politician)

Yeah, yeah, yeah saying “Boys are stupid” is rather inflammatory but if you take a gander at the headlines and sort out all of the criminal, moronic and stupid things that happened yesterday I think you will find that MEN were responsible for much if not all of it. Face it, we ARE stupid. C’mon, if the mere existence of the Beer Can Holding Hard Hat isn’t enough for you, consider that there are MEN who actually wear the things!

Out in public!!

…and if you need more proof… text messaging on cell phones…you have a fucking PHONE IN YOUR HAND!!! just fucking call!!. I mean after the obligatory “I miss you snookums” messages what the fuck are you ever going to use it for? Who has the time to type anything more than a language-raping “I m b ing L8 - c u b4 skool”…thank god Shakespeare didn’t have one. I would hate to see “O b u ti til now i nvr nu the”

Sorry fellas but you can bet your ass a woman had nothing to do with these. Maybe if someone HAD thrown some rocks at these knuckleheads we could have been spared these horrors.

Oh yeah, if you still need something to ponder, think about this:

Women invented Blowjobs.

I rest my case.

P.S…Chassis and Iron…you, me, the shirts…my house later?

(and yes, you have my attention)

“I think there’s something incredibly sexy about a woman wearing her boyfriend’s T-shirt and underwear”

~ Calvin Klein

Props to Zeb and Erika, glad someone else sees that feminist pseudointellectual bullshit for what it is. And yes, I open mindedly considered it, and the jury is in. Reality is, all that dyke anti-man shit is just a bunch of twisted, brain addled, sociopathic shit propagated by a bunch of the biggest emotionally crippled, weak people I’ve ever seen. Yeah, some that go down that path have been hurt, but not to be insensitive, so what? So has every serial killer. It is a person’s strength of character and ability to rise above that should get the spotlight. When I was naive to the ways of the world, as a person who idealized (and still does) strong women, I foolishly thought in my quest that those Ani Defranco types were it. But as a journeyman with hard won wisdom, I now see them as, rightfully a bunch of sorry psychopaths.
One of the problems in a free society, is when you make it sub cultural and sub divided like ours, you get all kinds of mind rot doctrines passed off as reality, and worse, you give validation for such nonsense and allow a path for quitters and the low common denominator to feel a sense of indignancy they have no right to. A lifestyle is a lifestyle, and a negative one is a negative one, simple as that. It’s a choice and entitles you to nothing. Cultural colonialism is bullshit, no one has dibs on suffering, everyone suffer, but sub cultural colonialism is just insane.

Imagine how stupid it would be if, say, the slacker pothead lifestyle we all know of, had it’s members, who clothed themselves in that identity because they were too weak and lazy to do anything significant, suddenly stood up and marched on Washington, and demanded that the world took them seriously as impoverished people, published doctrines, formed council etc.
The point is, next time you’re in the Border’s cafe and you see that shirt being worn by a whiny, fat, sluglike, Simpsons watching, Tori Amos listening pothead who serves your latte’, know that you are looking at a sad cliche that does not, as they think, represent the pinnacle of the “divine sisterhood”, but is actually a poor example of femininity. And the furthest thing from a T-woman.
Harsh yeah, but the truth, and someone’s gotta say it. We can’t let Jerry Springer and Maury be the only voices heard. And certainly not as harsh or misanthropic as that “stupid breeder” shit.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissin our free society, just pointing out a flaw. And yeah, maybe cupcake is right its just a stupid shirt, but I’m aiming a little deeper behind that. Thug, pimp, feminist, gay, druggie, slacker, goth, etc. Whatever. Just sociopathic identities for lost souls. If they want to do that, their perogative, but why is it in everyone’s face? Didn’t see it in primitive times, or colonial times, or anytime when life was hard cause they would have been bottom of the food chain-wouldn’t have made it. So only in a soft lifestlye of convenience and apathy can that devolution work.
One last thing, that tired men vs. women argument is as pointless and as idiotic and infantile as the kindergarten, “snips,snails,puppydog tails/sugar,spice…”

Stay Strong

cupcake and i once considered making our own t-shirts as well. some possible slogans were:

“Will work for cunt”

“I never met a cunt I didn’t like”

“Got cunt?”

“Tommy Cuntfinger”

“I’m with cunt” [Big finger pointing]

“Gee, your cunt smells terrific”

“Where’s the cunt?”

“If I were a cunt, you’d be home by now”