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anti bodybuilding

ran a search, didn’t find anything. what’s up with the absence of direct hamstring work in chad waterbury’s anti-bodybuilding program?

Uh, deadlifts?

Good answer Cressey!
Full squats and deadlifts are the ultimate hamstring exercises - which I prescribe both of in my program.
Trust me, your hamstrings will develop nicely in the program (along with everything else).

guess I should read past the first couple of days…this sounds like a good, simple program, chad. can’t wait to try it in a couple weeks.

And Chad, what’s up with the absence of kickbacks and one leg inverted hip adductions with a 75-degree twist (degree of difficulty: 3.5)? You mean to tell me that I can really grow with these silly deadlifts, squats, benches, pullups, and dips?

I’m so confused. Somebody hold me:)