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anti-bodybuilding ?s

Does the following mean 10 sets of flat barbell bench + 5 sets of barbell rows + 5 sets of cable rows would be acceptable? Or am I only supposed to do 1 exercises per muscle group?

"Day 1

Sets per Muscle Group: Chest 10, Back 10

Movement Plane: Horizontal

Examples: Flat Barbell Bench, Barbell Rows, Seated Cable Row (both back movements using a pronated grip with the width the exact same as bench press)

Reps: 3

Load: 80% of 1RM

Rest: 60 seconds between supersets (i.e. train chest, rest 60 secs, train back, rest 60 secs, train chest, rest 60 seconds, etc)"

Hello 2ms,

The exercises listed in the program are just examples. You don’t need to do the exact ones listed for every lift.

The important part is to superset the two exercises and get the weights your using right.

Just started the program and I find it easier to pick two execrises and use them for all sets. I’m sure some people have used two different super set schemes in a lift, don’t think that would pose any issues.

I think this is covered a little better in one Chad’s other articles/columns. You may want to search T-mag for other stuff he’s written.

Hope that helps.

sounds good to me…

One exercise for each muscle group, 10 sets of that exercise.

So, do:

10 sets barbell bench
10 sets cable row OR 10 sets barbell row (NOT 5 of each)

Enjoy ABBH, it’s a great program.