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Anti-Bodybuilding Program Confusing

I have just started Chad Waterbury’s Anti-bodybuiding program. I am extremely confused because he calls for 60 seconds of rest in between sets… yet labels them as supersets.

Supersets by definition are when you do one exercise and then as quickly as possible go to the next. Where he says something like, Bench Press, rest 60 sec, Cable Pull, Rest 60 seconds. If it were a true superset it would be Bench Press, Cable Pull, Rest 60 sec.
What the hell is up with this?

I think jump sets and super sets are the same thing to Waterbury.

And he meant jump sets in this case.

Anyway,jump setting chest and back exercises are a great way to boost strength.

Essentially,you train the antagonist muscle group after the agonist muscle group.For example,you train chest after back=bench after rows.Say you have 4 sets of each.So the sequence is,bench,row,bench,row,bench,row,bench,row

Note:this is not a superset.There is a rest period in between.

Guys,heard of this training method before? It is supposed to make you feel strong throughout the workout.

So how does this work?

When you activate the agonist muscle group during a set and then do a set using the antagonist muscle group,the former would contract more strongly than they would if you have not done the agonist set first.

[quote]DanErickson wrote:

What the hell is up with this?[/quote]

Who cares. Just do it as written.

But to be a little helpful, I think Chad addressed this in the article discussion that followed.

Thanks for the replies guys. It was funny because on day 3 I decided to do a giant set, “a real giant set” with no rest period in between. Let me tell you, by the 3rd set, 5 rep of squats I had to take about 10 sec rest in between reps. I was doing Squat, reverse crunch, calf raise,rest 60 seconds. Then start all over.
That was tough.