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Anti-Bodybuilding Program and Shoulders.

Hi Guys, i’ve been looking at Chads Anti-Bodybuilding program and have decided to give it a try. Problem is i’d like to focus my attention on gaining some mass in the medial delts as they are a real weak point for me but the program doesn’t seem to allow for much stimulation here, please correct me if i’m wrong.

I agree with Chad that no further work is required for the arms in the program but i feel that some medial delt work would be benificial for me. Where could i add in some overhead pressing movements or lateral raises without compromising the rest of the program?

I was thinking that maybe i could do delt work on the ‘off’ days, maybe two exercises alternating between pressing movements one day and lateral movements the next with every third ‘off’ day being just that, completely off.

Any comments?

This is my program that centers around the delts. I’m doing it for the next month. Then I’m going to lay off and give them a rest. 3 out of the 4 days I’m hitting the delts at different angles. The key here is the volume for me. My back blew up when I did something similar for it.
Day 1-
wide grip seated rows @ 4 sets of 6
bench press @ 3 sets of 8
rear delt flys @ 3 sets of 10
incline dumbell press @ 3 sets of 8

Day 2-
medium grip upright barbell row @ 3 sets of 8
clean and press @ 3 sets of 3
over head dumbell press @ 3 sets of 6

Day 3-
alternateing jump rope (weighted vest and weighted handles) with un-weighted jumping jacks for 15 minutes

Day 4-
wide grip pull ups @ 5 sets of 4
decline dumbell pull-overs @ 3 sets of 8
dips @ 5 sets of 4

Day 5-
squats @ 3 sets of 6
lying three way deltoid raise @ 4 sets of 4 (reps per posistion)
straight leg dead lifts @ 3 sets of 6

Day 6-

Day 7-
repeat day 3

(lying three way deltoid raise: lying front delt raise with plams inward,
lying alternated front delt raise plams facing down, lying side lateral raise)

Thanks RS that’s something to consider, i really need to get some width going across the shoulders. Anyone else have any comments on the Anti-Bodybuilding program?

Hey Marv. I just started the anti-BB program and I was also concerned about shoulder work, but I think movements like bench press, chins, bent rows etcs work them a bit. I could be wrong. I did throw in a few sets of upright rows, which I know some people dislike, but to each his own. I don’t really have any recommendations, but I would recommend focusing on shoulders after anti-bb. Also my anti-BB workouts are only about 40-45 minutes max, and I feel that it is difficult to get used to (anyone else experience this??). Anyways maybe a few lateral raises thrown in on back and chest day would be appropriate.

I think just by doing 10 sets of 5 of an overhead press and chin-ups on vertical push/pull will be enough for all three heads of the delts. But if you feel you need more direct medial delt work, just toss on a few sets of lateral raises or whatever other exercise you want. You should always change programs to fit your needs

Thanks for that guys.

Do you think that if i include some extra delt work i should keep the ‘off’ days as specified? If i add in the extra delt work as mentioned in my original post will this cut into my recovery significantly. I know that recovery will vary from person to person but i’d like the hear from anyone who’s completed the program and if they found they could tolerate same extra work.

Thanks again.

If you are going to be putting in the volume, that I am, on your shoulders you need a decent amount of recovery time. It takes a lot of volume for my shoulders to get tired and sore. But they also seem to need a little extra attention when it comes to recovery.

Cheers RS, i think maybe i’ll keep the off days as they are then and just add in the shoulder work on the chest/back day…get more days off then :o)

If you want to specialize on the delts, perform the following exercise: one are low-pulley cable side raises. This is one of the best exercises for delt development since it matches the strength curve of the muscle group. Follow the prescribed arm exercise parameters for this exercise. Do it first in your upper body routines.

Marv, Chad’s whole point with anti-bb was frequency and volume. I’d do more shoulder work on a day where shoulders weren’t even getting indirect work. When you do your back and chest you will get the front and rear delts. So, I’d do it on a predominately leg day if you can. The session in the GYM will be grueling, but this way you don’t overwork the shoulders in one sitting. Instead you get them more often, ie more volume. That’s what Chad was working for. I agree with Chad, volume should be considered only when frequency is already there. When I did my back I would do it as much as three times a week. But, I’d specialize the back into many different overlapping angles and loads. This made the frequency of training work, since no one direct part of the muscle group was over-worked. Yet all of it was pushed to the edge. It becomes momentum, and excelleration. The body will respond this way.

Thanks yet again guys and specially to Chad for taking the time to reply.

I’m really looking forward to starting this program as i’ve found i respond better to the lower reps/higher weight protocol but i’ve never used it with this volume or frequency. Should be interesting!