Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy

I love this workout plan. FOr anyone who wants a nice change in working out its great. The 10x3 sets are a lil rough cause you have claim machines and yell at old ppl sitting on them. But between that and 4-ad-ec to speed recovery i am gaining and everyone is noticing. Ill post pics after week 6. Just wanted to give my opinion on it. More than willing to answer questions about it.

Hey Funk,
How long have you been taking the 4ad? What type of strength or mass gains have you experienced?

I’ve also experienced exceptional results with this program. However, im not on any boosters. I am definately gaing size, although my triceps are suffering size wise. Im 17 and am ganing almost 2 pounds every 2 days, im also on massive eating, and ive been gaining mainly lean mass. Damn that program works, dont believe me,pair it with massive eating and your weight will go through the roof!.

I’ve been interested to see what results people get from this program, looking forward to the pics.

It’s great to hear you guys are experiencing awesome results. Feel free to ask me any questions. I’m here to help.

I am currently in the second week of performing the program. I have been used to going on a 4 or 5 day split for a while, so it has been big change up to not work out two days in a row. (have been doing some olympic lifting variations on “off” days) Have not had any trouble getting motivated for the workouts. I hope to be able to post some good results soon.

Done with week 3 and up 5 pounds. Kick ass.

2lbs every 2 days? That would mean 8-10lbs a week…riiiight.

Hey Chad, once you’ve finished the training cycle outlined in the article, do you recommend starting another cycle with different exercises (but the same sets, reps, bodypart logic) or does the trainee move onto another training style for a while, and then revisit the ABH program sometime in the future?
Thanks for the great article, I really enjoyed the different approach to training. It was great not to train to failure on every exercise, as I usually would…

After the first three weeks is finished, continue with the program by switching methods with exercises. For example, the 10 x 3 horizontal pressing day will become the 5 x 10 horizontal pressing day.
Good Luck!

Hey ive put on a constistant 1 or 2 a day i started at 224 and i am at 232 at week 3’s end. On 4-ad-ed for 2weeks now. I cant really tell strength wise my increase cause of the crazy amount 10x3 supersets and 5x10 is just alot of sets. But i always have the reserve to finish strong. Id say that the best benefit from the 4-ad-ec. My recovery is down to 2 days and about 3 on my back. Instead of a week haha. Deads and pull days kill me in the same week. But i love the 4-ad. First few days my mood was a lil funky but i found using the 4-ad-ec post workout really helped me stay even. Also my appetite is ridiculous. I plan on 3 more weeks of AntiB-H and starting to do some olympic lifts tech wise light…and gonna use 4-ad-ec all the way through.

Hey Infinity you’d be suprised how fast us teenagers can gain or lose weight with the proper diet. I eat BIG, and by no means am I saying that all my gains are lean, in fact proabably 1/3 of it is fat, which i can diet off later. Just because you cant make gains like that doesnt mean that others cant. Judge not lest you be judged.

It’s more than 1/3 fat buddy if you’re gaining at that rate.

Is there any benefit of including the Ice Dog’s mass isometrics techniques to the anti-bodybuilding hypertrophy program, i.e., isometric holds of 60 seconds each at three different angles of a lift?
If so, where in the anti-bodybuilding hypertrophy program would it fit?


I’d suggest doing AntiBB the way that it’s designed. Then, when you’re done, move into CT’s Super Beast (or look at Super Beast 2 in Jason’s log) program to incorporate some of those techniques.

Those are great results, T-Matt16. You are wise to follow the training advice on this board as you will be WAY ahead of the game. Most trainees never learn proper nutrition and training techniques. Good luck!

Let me jump in and say that I’m in the second three weeks and just lovin’ it!

It’s a great change of pace, and I’ve noticed a definite increase in fullness in my arms and shoulders.

I had some initial body comp measurements taken when I started, again at the end of the first three weeks, and I’ll be taking them at the end of the second three week cycle. At that point I’ll be posting in more detail about the program, because so far, I’m a hyoooooge fan!

Mike, you mentioned improved arms. Have you altered the program to add direct arm training? Or are you going with it as is?

Thunder, I measured my arms before and after, and they gained a tickle over 1/4". Yeah it’s not much, but it was only 3 weeks also.

Oddly, another part that gained was my neck, it’s up 3/8".

I really like that program. Im doing it again with the reps/sets flipped around this time, and am on week 2.

Truly a wonderful program, no question. I’m just finishing up Week 6 and will sadly be saying goodbye to it (for now). Despite being on moderate kcal restriction, my strength has increased dramatically and body comp has made consistent improvement.

Now part of it is coming off a layoff, and also I’m not going extremely low on carbs, but definitely the program itself has played a huge role. Kudos, Chad!