Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program

Just have a question, is there any “set guidelines” from Chad how youre suppose to progress weights etc after Day 23?

And anything you should do/keep in mind if you cant do the prescribed reps?

"After the first three weeks is finished, continue with the program by switching methods with exercises. For example, the 10 x 3 horizontal pressing day will become the 5 x 10 horizontal pressing day. " - Chad Waterbury

Get his book “Muscle Revolution”.

it has a lot of options.

I cant find anything about how to increase weight though

[quote]box4m wrote:
I cant find anything about how to increase weight though[/quote]

Increase the weight 5-10 lbs and do 10 sets of 1, each subsequent workout add 1 or 2 reps somewhere over the 10 sets. Keep going until you get 10x3

Honestly the program as its laid out in the article is kind of hard to read. Google search for “Waterbury Programs PDF” and download that file, it has it laid out MUCH more intuitively. In addition it has all of Chads other T-Nation articles laid out in spread sheet form too. (edit - Here it is: PDF Archive)

But to answer your question, This is how that program works:

For the days you do 10 sets, you dont increase the weight you increase the reps

Week 1: 10x3
Week 2: 10x4
Week 3: 10x5

For the days you do 5x10 you do it like this:

Week 1: 5x10 @ 60%1RM
Week 2: 5x10 @ 65%
Week 3: 5x10 @ 70%

Then you flip it so the days you did 10x3 on become 5x10 days, and vice versa.

After you complete the original program, then “flip it,” here is the follow up, Anti Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Part 2: The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program

I must admit I’ve just completed the first month of Waterbury-inspired TBT and been really impressed with the results. I have shunned TBT for years in favour of body part splits. However, I do much more conditioning work now through my interest in martial arts, and it appears to fit better with that (which is perhaps why he trains a few well-known fighters). IMO, one of the biggest factors is the undulating periodization aspect, i.e. mixing up rep schemes every workout. This shouldn’t have surprised me as I had a similar experience following an Alwyn Cosgrove plan, which was an upper/lower split, and ran for 6 weeks before the exercises were switched up. I had a lovely feeling of light DOMs after every session until week 6 when, lo and behold, the gains stopped, hence the change up! The same is happening with TBT.

Also, the TBT fits well for me doing two sessions a week; one follows a 10x6 rep scheme; the second is 8x10 (generally Mon and Thurs). Done as circuits, with some ab work and pre-hab to finish. On top of this, I will try and do another 3-4 sessions with at least one day on sled work, i.e. eccentric-less lactate training; and one strongman sessions; the other 1-2 will be skills-based or fight drills.

Coupled with my Indigo, this is a really good first month for fat loss on this system.