Anti-BB changes

I’m going to be starting Chad Waterbury’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy program next Monday, on a Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri type split.

I have a few problems with the routine he posted, though. I know we can substitute our own exercises, and for the most part, I don’t need to. But, I can’t DO front squats b/c a) I’m uncoordinated, and b) the one time I’ve tried them, not only can I manage very small weight, but it HURTS A LOT! (my shoulders, not my legs)

So, what can I substitute for front squats? Would back squats be good (going down to parallel)? Also, instead of the hanging pike, how about weighted machine crunches (which would give me enough resistance to make it difficult)?

Also, when it says to use a pronated grip for barbell curls, that means I’d be gripping the bar underhanded, right?

Lastly, I’m not sure I will be able to do the leg day in giant sets… maybe supersets, but not giant sets… I’ll try my best to, though. IF I am unable to perform giant sets, what would you guys reccomend?

I’m going to be incorporating direct arm work into the program, since all I do is sit on my behind and eat protein all day, and sleep 8+ hours a night,and am 16 years old so my body is raging with hormones which are ACHING for stimulus. Plus, by the time I drive to the gym and back, if I didn’t spend 45mins doing the workout, I might feel cheated.

Thanks for the advice!

  1. Substitute back squats for the front squats

  2. Yes, pronated grip is your typical underhanded grip used in curling movements.

  3. Don’t be a pussy! Do the giant sets as stated.

  4. Eat and train hard!

Hey My man,
First off…you won’t be able to alot of weight with front squats (compared to backsquats) regardless! Front squats tend to put alot more emphasis on the quads, but if you have a hard time doing them, back squats will suffice. Although I will say, you aren’t ever going to get any better at doing front squats if you don’t work at them! Know what I mean?

No, pronated grip will have you grip the bar with the back of your hands facing you, not an underhand grip…;o)

Good luck with the program. Although it is a relatively short workout, you WILL be sore. So don’t feel as if you cheat yourself because it only takes you 40 minutes to complete it!

I think Nate Dogg had a Low-Carb Grow! withdrawl there;-)

Pronated grip, as stated by El Tigre, refers to your typical reverse barbell curl. The underhand grip that you are referring to is known as a supinated grip.

When performing your front squats, how did you place the bar on your clavicles: crossed-arm style or with the bar on your finger tips?

Back squats would be a suitable replacement, in my opinion.

I did them bodybuilder-style, with my arms crossed. I’m skinny, and my collarbone KILLS today (the bar rested right on the bone… ouch!)

So I will be substituting back squats for front. And probably machine crunches (with added resistance) for decline situps. I’ll try to do the hanging pike, but if I can’t, I think I’ll substitute something else in. I’d really rather not, but my abdominal development isn’t my top priority right now.

This post had me scratching my head since I didn’t prescribe barbell curls in the workout. The pronated grip I referred to relates to rows, not curls. A pronated grip for rows means the palms are facing the floor.

There is a tad bit of confusion in the article that I will have the editing guys fix. On Day 1 I prescribe barbell rows OR seated cable rows, not both. In other words, you can use either but don’t use both. Either way the palms should be pronated. Hope this helps.