Anti-BB and Cardio

If I wanted to incorporate some cardio into this program, how would I do it? I was thinking on doing some low intensity cardio (30 mins slow jogging) on days 2 and 6 leaving days 4 and 8 as complete rest days and 1, 3, 5, 7 as the lifting days.

just out of curiosity why do you want to do cardio during this program? cardiovascular health, training for something, etc.

I guess the main reason is for cardiovascular health. I know that doing cardio in conjunction with a hypertrophy/strength program is kind of contradictory, yet I seem to recall reading somewhere that this isn’t always the case??

But yeah, mainly for cardiovascular health. Furthermore, in CW’s newest program Quattro, he indicates light cardio to aid in recovery times as well. So I see that as another reason to include some light cardio.

In that case doing some low intesity cardio on your off days to increase blood flow/nutrient uptake would probably be otay. A better idea would probably be doing some sled dragging ala westside style. BTW I’m doing ABBH right now and I’m loving the results