Anti-American cartoon

 My eyes were bulging. I was in disbelief.
 Yugi-oh - a cartoon about heroes who battle using playing cards - consists of Yugi-oh, the good guy (the show's hero) fighting Evil opponents who want to take over the world and who have nothing but evil intentions.

 Well, today was no different. In my boredom I turned the TV on only to find Yugi-oh 'battling' an 'Evil Spirit' as he put it, with his cards. At first this Evil spirit had a robe obscuring his face, reminiscent of that 'Death' Character. By the middle of the game you could clearly see its face however...

 ...and it is nothing else but a typical american man with an American flag bandana and an earing. The cartoon clearly shows him cheating in the game pulling cards under his sleeve. He just wants Yug'-oh's Millenium puzzle which will make him the most powerful in the world.

 Everyone knows these cartoons are made by somebody in China or somewhere in Asia.

 Our kids are watching this show (it has very high ratings and airs after school hours) and get the impression the Americans are the evil ones, cheating to gain power over others, with no moral conscience. This show is airing in our AMERICAN TV networks, and apparently the Network doesnt care about that Americans are portrayed as the ultimate evil in some of the episodes.

 Just thought the good guys in the forum would be interested in knowing about it. I have no problem with other countries portraying us as evil in their own networks, but when it airs in our country in american tv networks, then it's downright offensive.

It is only cheating if you are the loser…lol

Ummmmm - and how long has Hollywood been depicting everyone who’s not a WASP, and American to boot, as bad?

Can we get “a little” perspective here?

Iscariot certainly you have a point. Hollywood has portrayed those who arent American to boot as being bad often. Other countries also portray Americans as bad often.

BUT see, the point is not weather a country shows another Nation or culture as bad. For example we show French people as being smelly and weak. Cetainly France would censor any American cartoons that portray France this way.
The same way, in OUR BELOVED COUNTRY, where OUR kids are watching cartoons, it’s just WRONG for WB-20 to allow this specific episode to air, which portrays the country which raised them and gives them freedom and prosperity as being EVIL, CHEATING, and without CONSCIENCE (we still remember Mogadishu Sons of Bitches). I dont care if they air in China or anywhere else in the World, but in the US, if you wanna speak agains your country you do it with ADULTS, in an APPROPRIATE setting. Not with kids in a cartoon. If you wanna raise antiamericans, do it in YOUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY, thats my take.

I personally will email the network and ask for an explanation. After that particular episode, I dont think the Cartoon should air AGAIN - or at least I would like to see taken off the air, but then again they’re free to air whatever they like.

Wow, how American, calling for censorship is so much easier than explaining things to your kids, isn’t it? I’m tired of hearing these sucker arguments like “What about the children”? As if we don’t spend enough time indoctrinating children with good old fashioned American bullshit. They’re certainly not going to get the idea that Americans are bad from watching a senseless Anime cartoon. We should be worrying about what advertisers are selling kids in the commercials, but even I wouldn’t be so bold as to advocate CENSORSHIP.

Saying “the episode should not have been allowed to air” is probably the most un-American thing I’ve read.

But that’s OK, we now let you return to your regularly scheduled hypocrisy.

I take your point diesel, I really do.

My wishy-washy, weak, liberal attiitude [grin] doesn’t really care where you depict something that casts someone else as the bad guy, the result is the same.

Think of it this way, if you paint the US as the good guys in their own country’s programmes well and good, but if you continue to paint everyone else as bad you just engender negative stereotypes , which is just as bad.

What good is a Cartoon/ film etc that shown in teh US that casts all Arabs as bad/ evil people. What sort of light does that cast all the Arab-descended Americans?

Remember, all Americans [or wherever] aren’t white etc…and so forth

I hate to admit it but I’ve watched enough of the show to know that you’re mistaken somewhat. The guy in the robe has been possesed by an evil spirit. So he himself is not really that evil. Normally he’s just a dick. :slight_smile:

As for your concern about the american guy being evil. Who cares!!! I mean not all americans are good right? Neither are all Canadians or Russians or Mexicans etc. etc. Relax diesal stop taking your rage-ahol!!! :wink:


I have two kids and I teach, yet I have never heard of this cartoon. It can’t be that popular.

If i saw some aussie guy being bad and wanting to take over the world on some cartoon i wouldn’t give a crap. Kids don’t pay to much attention anyway.

I wouldn’t be too worried. If it is just one character then it might mean nothing. But then again if every evil villain was an American, or every American was a villain then you might have a case.

Hollywood has actually been very hard on America and Americans. But they are very much into stereotypes. People of Mid-Eastern descent had a legitimate argument about everyone of their culture only appearing as terrorists.

The only cartoon I have ever despised is Captain Communist, I mean Planet. Protecting the world from the evils of corporate America.

Teaching kids not to pollute may not be a bad idea, but the blatant political indoctrination of kids was the wrong way to go about it.

It shouldn’t matter too much if you actually teach your kids to think for themselves.

James Bond is British, meaning not American. We don’t portray him badly.

Steve Irwin is Australian, meaning not American. We don’t portray him badly.

Relax. Breathe. You’ll notice, if you watch japanese cartoons for any period of time, that characters are often identified with marks that show their nationalities. The cartoon makers are not, in general, attempting to portray any one nationality as evil or anything like that, but rather to play off of stereotypes/existing knowledge of the way certain groups of people behave to provide believability in the characters’ action.

If this post didn’t make sense, I blame the fact that I am sick.

I thought South Park did a parody of this where all the kids watching a japanese cartoon,were told to fight the evil power,which turned out to be America!

Yes they did Beni!!! It was HILARIOUS.

THE funniest South Park, however was the Parody of Jared - the kids told him he wouldnt be so popular if people knew he had fitness aides, and when he came out everybody thought he meant he thinned out because of AIDS, and that he wanted to give AIDS to everybody in the world, more specifically the underpriviliged children of africa. AND that he wanted to give them AIDS PERSONALLY himself. LOL, it was hilarious. I never laughed so hard. You can download it on Kazaa.