Anti-Aging Research

Greetings everyone

I read an exciting article in New York Mag and Scientific American and was keen to see what some of our educated T-Nation peers thought of it.

Research was done by a Harvard professor regarding Nicotinomide Adenide Dinucleotide or NAD for short. NAD plays a significant role in energy metabolism. So this, gentleman David Sinclair of Harvard, injected mice for one week with NMN (Nicotinomide mono nucleotide). After one week the muscles of these old mice he injected returned to a more youthful state. It was noted strength increases were not observed. I am trying to find the actual publication but I am having no luck. I have found many of his other studies but not this specific one.

I am interested in know exactly how much NMN was given to these mice and what a comparable dose would be for humans. I have priced NMN and it appears to be costly. There is a cheaper molecule NR (nicotinomide Riboside) it is in another product being made by MIT scientist Leonard Guarente. NMN seems much more promising to me.

It seems significant headway is being made. It appears as though the field is on the verge of a paradigm shift. These individual embarking on this pursuit to elucidate the mysteries of aging and preventing it used to be viewed with a fair amount of disdain. Not surprising considering the amount of con artists preying on peoples fears selling them snake oils. But now highly esteemed researchers are putting out what appears to be solid research which could hopefully lead to people living longer much more active lives.

I always wondered what would happen if you had an individual utilize all the tools at mans disposal. Give them the ideal diet. HGH supplementation, Test supplementation. Weekly exercise and now perhaps weekly injections of NMN. How long could this person live a quality life worth living. We see people living active healthy lives well into their sixties now and that is mainly done just with the knowledge of what not to do and what to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle maybe a little bit of hormone therapy. I wonder what could be done if we really pushed the envelope with the technology at hand today.

Anyways curious to hear what you all think.

It sounds illegal and I need the government to regulate this.

Seriously, it is interesting. There are many anti aging doctors in SoCal playing with all this stuff. Tom Cruise hasn’t been looking too hot lately, so don’t do his regimen.

The mice got 500 mg/kg daily.

So something as simple as NADH is the secret to give you youth?

I think you might have better luck with more clean water (knowing that yours is probably tainted if you are in the USA).

Edited the part where I was trying to trigger people.

If you’re over 40 and you want your muscles to return to a more youthful state, just incorporate a little explosive, concentric only, training into your routine.

If you want the fountain of youth, then get on Test. It will change your life

Except every user I know looks like a wreck

I heard brad pitt has taken hgh since he was early thirtys