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Anti-Aging Clinics

I am 43 and although I was lucky enough to feel at my peak until a couple of years ago, since then it looks like things have been slowing down quite dramatically. Physically I have been feeling like crap for more than a year now. I am thinking it is time to see an anti-aging doctor and maybe do something about it. However, I am not too confident that I will necessarily find a good one through google.

Could anybody with experience here give me some guidelines of what I should look for? I am located in Massachusetts. Names would be great if board rules allow, but any general information would also be welcome.

I have heard very good things about Dr. John Crisler (allthingsmale.com).

In Google Earth, zoom into your region, enter [compounding pharmacy] in the “fly to” search box. Explore the web sites of those looking for offers for referrals and consultations. They may have male hormone educational material, health surveys etc. Pick one that seems good and located near by, phone and explain your needs. Explain any preferences for transdermals or injectables and let them know that you are needed a doctor that also uses anastrozole and hCG.

They mail many of the drugs. You want one that will know the docs in your area. They do not need to be close to your door.

Thanks for the info so far. Does anyone have personal experience with a doctor in the Massachusetts area?