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Anthroprogenic Induced Climate Change


OK - I need a topic that I can discuss without pi$$ing Lixy off . . .so how about an unscientific poll:

Who believes man-caused climate change is for real or just a hoax - why or why not!

Just curious to see the general mindset of the T-Nation.


I think that the climate is changing, we're not making it any better, and we may be polluting more quickly than our children will be able to clean.

I can't say I'm sold that our polluting is breaking apart ice caps, but it's stupid and lazy to not to make things better when we can.

  • I feel that the word "climate" is often either misunderstood or intentionally misused.

  • I think the conclusion that global climate change is largely man-made, potentially irreversible, and probably calamitous is horseshit that is based on the flimsiest of flimsy "evidence".

  • I feel that the catastrophic climate change hysteria rests on statistically insignificant samples and man-made computer models based on a severely incomplete understanding of the climate.

  • I'm agnostic as to whether climate is changing abnormally at all (but leaning towards "not"), and I suspect that solar activity is to blame if it is.

  • I don't completely reject the hypothesis that human activity could have some effect on the climate, but I am 100% convinced that any possible human effect is a metaphorical drop-in-the-bucket.

  • That said, I don't think humans could materially alter the climate even we wanted to and were actively trying to.

  • I think the push towards cap-and-trade and restrictive environmental regulations are led by power-grabbing politicians who wouldn't give a red-cent towards "saving" the environment.

  • I am angered by what I perceive to be targeting of children with propaganda and junk-science favoring the "air-conditioning-will destroy-civilization!!" scare tactics.

  • I am annoyed by those who pretend that there is no dissent to the hypotheses that the climate is changing, humans are causing it, and the effects will be negative when there very clearly is dissent.

  • I support environmental regulations for the sake of reducing pollution and waste, but I am 100% against stifling development to save some trees or to fight off Al Gore's boogey-man.


I completely agree with this. Nice.


-Yes there is climate change.

-The full extent to which Man has caused Global Warming is still in debate. However, there is A LOT of scientific evidence proving that, to some extent, "we" are affecting the climate.

-What should be done is still in debate, and rightfully so.

-The idea of a "global government" or some kind of "supervisory board" with control over the US is complete BS. A boogieman.

-Climate Change WILL have repercussions for mankind (and probably already has).

-People should look into the Maldives.


The climate isn't changing.

Man isn't powerful enough to change it.


The climate is ALWAYS changing. And always has. Our belief that we are effecting the climate has more to do with human self importance more than anything else. O, yeah, that and the deification of EARTH.


1/3 of school children believe that the earth will be destroyed within their lifetime.


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We're allowed to swear here.


Actually, the global climate is so complex even a nominal global temperature is not agreed on much less what it will do it the decades to come.

So yes, the climate is changing as it always has been throughout the earth?s history. But there is still large debate over what global temperatures will do in the upcoming years.

The fact is they peaked in 1998 when solar activity did OVER A DECADE AGO. The model Hansen and the IPCC use to predict these catastrophic temperature increases are today observably wrong. Period. No one knows what the climate is going to do. Only an estimation of what it has done. And that is peak in temperature in 1998.


Yup, that saved a lot of time.


DD - dude - this is good stuff!


I second (or third) that agreement!


Me too. Here's a funny fun. Did you ever go into a town or city in the summer.? hot summer day? then drive out to the country? does it feel cooler in the country? Ye. No blacktop which holds in heat. Less things using energy generating heat.

Now let's say we take the temperature there, wow it hotter! Around here the official temp is at the local airport. Lots of blacktop runways there. It's easy to skew this data and have people thinking OMG! We betetr do something.

IMO, things are better with clean air and litter than ever. I can remember back to about the late 60s. These are good things. As for climate change, it's nut to believe we are doing ti. Climate has changed often in the history of this planet. We have decent weather rocords for maybe 135 years or so.


I agree, but I think it's better to say we are not changing it. I think the we are changing it is bordering on narcissism. we are SO important and have to do something because only WE can do it!

Every single person dies tomorrow on this planet and the planet will still go on.


I heard recently that a Navy researcher stated that sun spot activity or flares have not occurred for a certain amount of days. His speculation that this might lead to cooling is what I recall.


This is actually what the environmentalists want.

They see themselves as custodians of the environment and only their class of people have rights to exist on it.


I have disagreed with you often in the past, but I'm 100% with you here. They love plants and animals more than people. They also love all their stuff and they share no responsibility for this fake crisis in their eyes.

Us regular guys shouldn't have stuff, because it ruins the pretty environment for them.


Read Rainbow 6?




GL - you're too sadistic for me (and that's saying something) - why would you advocate killing that many people!