Anthony's Training Log

I’ll be following a basic 4 day split:

Back and Biceps
Chest and Triceps.

I may occasionally switch things up and throw in the odd full-body routine here and there.

Stats: 24 years old, 5"10, 80kg. Studying for a degree in History.

I’ve been lifting weights and running for a few years, this log is about trying to ensure I make some decent progress and correct where I’m going wrong (if I start to falter).

My aim is to put on size and maintain a decent level of fitness. Any thoughts, advice or criticism’s will be welcomed.

Decided to do a full body workout today, focusing on strength. Training’s been messed up this week due to Easter, the split routine will begin next week.

Squats: 100kg - 6,6,6,6
BOR: 65kg - 6,6,6,6
DB Incline Bench press: 36kg - 6,6,6,6
Weighted Pull Ups: 22kg - 6,6,6,6
Weighted Dips: 22kg - 6,6,6,6
Reverse DB Fly’s: 20kg - 10,10,10,10

Monday: Back and Biceps

Weighted Chin Ups 4x10 16kg
BOR 4x10 55kg
Cable Rows 4x10 127kg
Upright Rows 4x12 35kg
DB Shrugs 4x12 24kg
BB Bicep Curls 4x10 40kg (inc bar)
Cable Curls 4x12+12 27.5kg