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Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson


i just watched a replay of one of Anthony "Rumble" Johnson's fights, and am really wondering how close he is to a title shot, or at least being considered a contender as WW in the UFC.

i've only seen him fight a few times, but his power and athleticism is pretty amazing, as well as the fact that he can make 170 at 6'2"

any thoughts?


He stills needs some wins over some legit guys before a title shot. He's struggled a bit with them so far. It's time for some real challenges....outside of the justice system(he was arrested for domestic violence a while back).

But he is an animal with extreme potential....just needs to stay focused.


I agree with Big_Boss. He is a legit athlete with plenty of skills but he needs way more experience with top opponents. The guys he has fought so far are no where near the top ten. Plus there's his legal issues which will likely hold him back quite a bit.


Once he gets some more in the ring experience he'll be one hell of a fighter. Tons of potential. I love watching him fight!


True. I'm not sure about his submission defence but his wrestling and striking are sick. When he smoked Burns in the melon with that high kick I jumped out of my seat.


GSP would chew him up and spit him out, and that is with his injured groin.


No shit but Rumble is the future he is just as athletic better reach and is showing some sick striking training with Le.


I didn't see that coming at all. Especially since Burns was giving him a challenge.....just like their first match. Hell,even without the eye poke,Burns was showing up Johnson.

I think Burns is the future as well.....young guy with good skillset. I was impressed by him against Lytle.


Yeah Anthony is sick...anyone have a vid of him headkickin burns?
I tried to watch it after the fight cause it was sooo nicely put..but no hope :frowning: lol


Id like too see johnson fight the loser of the kampmann/swick fight, I could've sworn he had a fight coming up but i checked the upcoming cards and he wasnt on any of them, I wonder if it was pulled due to his legal troubles.


On a side note, the ufc's ww division is stacked with strikers right now. They could have almost an entire card just at 170 full of standup wars as long as gsp doesnt fight.


Looks like Baroni is coming to the UFC as well. yawn.


I have no idea why the re-signed Baroni. He just lost to Riggs and has not exactly been doing very well recently. Its likely just to have some exciting fights that he will likely lose but at least put on a good show. He's not exactly a contender at this point.


yeah, that could be a good one. the Swick-Kampman fight should also be pretty badass....

for some reason i think Rumble is fighting in like UFC 104 or something.....


I think it was just too pull a recognizable name away from strikeforce, I bet robbie lawler is next.


Theres no way johnson could defend gsp's takedowns right now, I think id give him as good a chance as kampmann or swick though. I would actually pick johnson over kampmann too.


Theres no way johnson could defend gsp's takedowns right now, I think id give him as good a chance as kampmann or swick though. I would actually pick johnson over kampmann too.


I think GSP has underrated striking also, it's just that his takedowns and GNP is so devastating that his stand up gets over looked. Rumble is an up and comer, but as long as GSP stays at 170 he will own that division.


He was going to fight Matt Brown, who is an improving, well rounded fighter but pulled out. I'd say Matt Brown by KO if they do fight.


Met Rumble at UFC 100...dude is a monster for 170...walks around about 215.....
he's a future star