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Anthony Roberts?


I'm assuming he was "let go" as a writer for T-Nation. Which is a good thing.

However, I have to admit that I was pretty entertained by his endless ridiculous "debates" and his constant trolling. His and rainjack's feud was the best.


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Agreed - we do not need drama.

Now more pics of your girlfriend's boobs..... well that would rock. :wink:


You first :wink:


This forum, hell - this entire website thrives on drama.

That is why the boards in the community are so bland and predictable - they don't want drama.

Like it or not - it is the drama, and having people that are willing to speak out that creates dialogue.

How much fun is it to go to a board and have 20 people all agree that someone's cycle of 800mg Tren A only E3D is going to "rock, bro"?

Hooker is a complete douche bag in every sense of the word - but he was right about 1 thing - message boards in the community pretty much suck from top to bottom. I think he called it a broacracy.

I own one of them, and I still post here 99% of the time specifically because I know someone will tell me I am full of shit if they disagree with me.

If you think my assessment is off - compare hit counts just to the Steroid Forum to the hit counts at your favorite bro-board.


He meant Bushy, and I 2nd the motion.


Good post.

As long as the drama is accompanied by substance, it is likely to produce very informative threads. It's the mod's job to make sure this is the case, at least in the forums pertaining to training, nutrition etc. In my opinion, they are doing a good job.


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You have to understand that most people don't know the difference, or they believe they are having intelligent conversation when they really just being ignorant.

So what's this about more pics? Did I miss the first round?


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Nice! I like the conservative choice in size as they complement her shape and still look natural. Obviously large fake boobs are just dumb.


Seriously, did I miss the first round too or what? Funny that he calls Roberts 'hooker'; it's funny... sooo true


"Hooker" refers to his rugby position, but I like your like of thinking.


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me too, where are they? :wink:


When you compare the posts on any forum on T-Nation to those of other boards it is like comparing Washington Apples to decomposing orange compost. Direct relations like bb.com or elitefitness (not elitefts) are obvious, but have you ever tried reading the comments on youtube?

I often wonder what breed of subhuman it is has managed to gain access to computers all over the world. Possibly those one million typing monkeys trying to bang out the complete works of Shakespeare, but they'd probably do a better job.

Seriously, we have drama here, but it is of a much richer vintage than any other board I am familiar with, drama or not.


To bring the conversation back to Anthony Roberts: he recently wrote an article arguing that different esters actually do have effects other than simply determining half-life.


Since this goes against conventional wisdom, I wonder what others here think. He cites a number of studies that supposedly support his position.


Plenty of research, just search PubMed.

Here's one of the citations:


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That's why I read the literature, and draw my own conclusions. AR has been known to reach a bit, all in the name of science, of course.