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Anthony Roberts/Steroid.com Judgement


Didnt know if anyone had seen this, sorry if its old news..but "Hooker" is done for.



That certainly looks interesting, and not necessarily surprising, if it happens to be true.


Someone want to give me the cliff notes of what happened? My work has the website blocked.


Anyone have a quick summary of what he did wrong?

I read the sticky over at steroid.com, but I still don’t really understand.

I came into the picture after this incident had already happened.


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If I was AR I would just skip the country. And then change my name and laugh at the douche.

Also wonder how much the douche’s lawyers are taking. A good chunk I am sure. And they see money way before the person who hires them.

Also there is controls on what people can take and how much with-in reason. He still has to make some kind of living. Just cause he won the case doesn’t mean he gets anything he wants. AR will have to pay a certain amount to a court or third party that will give it back to the lawyer first then the douche.

So I really don’t see what he is gloating over other then fact he won his case and is getting stuff back eventually.


Yeah well “skipping the country and changing names” has gotten a lot harder in the digital age. There are still countries that one can go to in order to avoid extradition or enforcement of civil liens, mind you, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be living the life of a Swiss playboy or whatever.

Anyway, the suit concerned the misappropriation of business info from a company called Dynamic Sports Nutrition. Apparently AR took a laptop containing proprietary details and disseminated information.

The judgment contains penalties of just over $32K in atty’s fees, ~$570K in lost profits and ~$6.1M in future lost profits through the end of 2011.

AR is a pretty litigious bastard on his own. For example, there is a new, well-written post at EliteFitness regarding their defense against a bullshit suit from him (nothing to do with the DSNI suit, just to be clear).



He should just make out with a glock


Great, a dickhead who scams unknowing bodybuilders won a judgement from another dickhead. I don’t see any winners here. At least T-Nation got away from Anthony mostly unscathed in reputation.


see how this works?

you can scam people,steal their money.
but as long as you cry enough and act like a big enough bitch,you will always get what you want.

this is why I dont care about legal stuff, I would rather pull some gangster shit and get it over with.