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Anthony? Knox? Try Nelson


All you wannabes that want to bang the Anthony or Knox...what do you think about the real deal. I can't even believe this chick might get out.



Judging by her 'fro, you'd need a chainsaw to tame that bush.


I'm down. No doubt.

dream sequence


so I got

Pat Ramsey
Beth Hollooway
Casey Anthony
Amanda Knox
This Chick



Dude, she cooked his ribs bbq style.

No way she's getting out.


I know I know, but that is what makes it a bit intriguing. I pretty much can't see the attraction to the child killers, but the black widow especially years ago when she was a model. Having a passionate moment with her and when she's looking at you with lustful eyes never knowing if shes thinking mmmm tasty.


Dude you need help or a hooker or yea I will go with you need help.