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Anthony Ellis, Heard of Him?


Like him ,Dislike him, heck ever even heard of him?

My senior year of highschool I was tired of being 130lbs and the skinny guy. I searched the web try to learn a few things about getting big(ger). I found his site, he was selling a 12 week program with everything broken down. I didnt buy it cause I was cheap and broke. But from reading and re-reading his entire site I pretty much gained all the basics for putting on muscle. 1x lbs of protein, alot of calories, compound exercises, a 3 day split and put my on the right track.

Anyone here bought his program or heard of the guy?


I think this is the fella that won an EAS body comp challenege awhile back. I think I remember seeing him on an old issue of Muscle Media before.


I remember him from Body of Work, and the program you mention doesn't look like anything special. If you are a fat out of shape slob I am sure 3 days a week of lifting this or that would work, but if you are an advanced or even intermediate lifter I think it would not do much good.


Yea. I couldnt find his old site, it was skinnyguy.something years ago. But he definatly catered to the absolute beginner crowd, basic routines and what not. At least that what I was back then.


TMUSCLE did a followup interview with him and the rest of the Body of Work people they could find.

Here's the one with Ellis: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_interviews/body_of_work_the_rest_of_the_cast


His book was the first thing I ever read about weight training. Using the diets/workouts from the book I went from 125lbs to 170lbs in around 2 years of inconsistent training.


I remember seeing his tv interview...he got big quick..heavy compound lifts and solid eating, who woulda thunk it?


I've heard of him. If anyone has heard of Pook (who used to post at sosuave.net and later had his own blog, Pooks Mill) he recommended him. According to Pook he put on 30lbs in 3 months following his program. I couldn't afford to pay for it so I found starting strength and followed that instead.


That link contains the post where Pook talks about how gaining muscle changed his life and it includes a link to the book of pook which I recommend every man read.


Also, check out this post:



I used his program to, it was good and I made similar gains (although I started at 100lbs due to an eating disorder)