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Anthony Ditillo on Training Intensity


I didn't know who this guy was until a few months ago but if you see anything written by him you should look it over - he has passed away however. Really good stuff!


Another good quote - i need a power rack!

I have started to do board presses cutting the range in half or more and 1/2 deadlifts, off 2 milk crates. I really enjoy "power building".


Not sure but i believe in this statement he's referring to a max triple or something, has the main objective. Not building volume for someone who wants to build muscle and strength but rather lift the most has possible.

In other words pure power lifting. :slight_smile:


No comments? Boring message board..


You've not asked a question, you've just told us you like 'power building' great, what did u want people say, the article itself i agree with but do you expect people to comment just to agree? an if you wanted more responses a different section would be preferable


Yeah probably, just thought i would spark a discussion.