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Anthony Colpo Was Wrong All Along About HDL Hypothesis


Dr. Steven Nissen has conclusively demonstrated in a clinical trial that a super HDL substance called ApoA-1 Milano which is naturally occuring in only 40 people worldwide , all in Limone sul Garda , Italy) when intravenously infused into patients regressed coronary atherosclerotic plaques AMAZINGLY well ( 8 % of the plaque volume was ERASED in ONLY 5 weeks)

The patients who got the drug had VERY, VERY substantial regression and VERY FAST.

Anthony Colpo is wrong, but will never admit it.

The HDL hypothesis is ROCK SOLID. And Dr. Steven Nissen ( a world renowned expert) said as much.

When is Anthony Colpo going to take his book off the market like he said in 2007 ( right on this forum :wink: ) , if someone demonstrated him to be wrong? Well , I just did.


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I am not spamming anything. Colpo is wrong.


You should understand that people from Italy (like myself) are MUCH healthier than your average fat American slob. I know that that term does not apply to people on this site, as we strive for more muscle, less fat, and live healthier lifestyles in general.

Consider this, take your average overweight and sick American, infuse them with very healthy nutrients, is it really so crazy to think that they would have a drastic change in their health ? Whether or not this claim about the people of Limone is true, it could very well be possible that if you took an already sick population and cleaned up their food, they would show a positive change in their health.

Razwell, you are talking about a people and a culture that defy the American propaganda machine. The air, water, soil, is all much better, making for a much healthier quality of food. Things like that should be considered.


ApoA-1 Milano just refers to an allele of the ApoA-1 gene that appears to improve cholesterol reverse transport by HDL. ApoA-1 is an obligatory protein for HDL.

If someone were to argue that HDL is not beneficial, they obviously have not done their research without bias or a preconceived idea.

Anthony Colpo, as my understanding has it, believes LDL cholesterol is an innocent bystander in heart disease. While I know this idea is held by some notable researchers, his response to critics and his JPANDS paper show a misunderstanding of the mechanistic process of atherosclerosis.