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Anthony Clark Records


I see Blaine Summer’s 1102 squat as first single ply, i have tremendous respect for the man.
But lets get this straight Anthony was the first to squat 1102 period single ply, some dipshit had hand on bar , so even though it was white lighted . To keep people from bitching he told refs to turn down world record.
Sure Goggins came along and did it at 275, that is not even considered , either.
Try reverse gripping 804 with all that weight on thumbs.
Anthony did things no one else could do, ive seen him behind the neck press 405 x 6 free weight easy not smith, then do strict upright row 245 x 20 easy, bo row 585 reps. Only person to reverse bench 700.
I think he needs much more recognition then he gets.
Anybody else have some Anthony Clark footage or stories?


There are ample videos of Clark on youtube. He is a legend. My buddy Chris Taylor was friendly with him and used to compete with him (different weight class). AC was a big dude and strong as fuck.

Also, wasn’t Goggins’ 1102 in multi-ply gear?


I have found this information about him, however I just can’t figure it out how strong / how much he lifted to due the different gear and the development of gear.

First teen to Bench Press 600 pounds 1986
A 1025 pound squat 1988
First man to reverse grip bench press 700 pounds 1992
First man to bench press over 700 pounds
800 pound bench press record at the Arnold Classic 1997
1031 pound squat
771 Deadlift
World record powerlifting total of 2600 pounds
He has successfully benched 700 pounds or greater 17 times in competition
Talks to youth and spreads the meaning of the gospel sometimes up to 270 days a year

How strong were the bench shirts in 1997?
Or the squat suits in 1988?


The 1102 squat wasn’t on there someone touched bar on way up. He tore he pec at around 600 and switched to reverse grip, when he was young.
They always complained about his squats being high, truth of matter is he had same problem Paul Anderson had, their leg were so massive at parallel their hamstring were on top of calves.


Does that mean with a reverse grip it’s safer in term of pec tears ?


More front deltiod and triceps, plus it pretty much forces elbows into lats, so you get a huge launch out of bottom.
Some powerlifting organizations banned it though,as consern if you fail attempt, bar could hit in face.
I would say with multi ply guys now doing 400raw and getting 700 equipped it would be very unsafe. I used to do them as down set to hit triceps but it started to hurt pec/bicep tie in.
There’s a bodybuilder at gym who swears by them. On smith machine and doesn’t lower bar all the way down. Try with about 40-50% of your max bench.


Thank you for your response, I think I remember an article by Paul caster where he advices exactly as you / the bodybuilder from your gym .

Would you recommend to focus a bit on reverse grip bench for a bigger normal bench ? I think I saw Chris Duffin hitting 220 pounds for 60 reverse style.


300 pounds from a bench shirt is ridiculous since most people don’t even bench 300 :0


As long as it feels good why not try it , i mean with a power style and taking weight all the way down bar just rockets out of bottom.
Was 220 x 60 before or after 12 pack of beer? reference to Chris Duffin.
I think some of those 1000 plus benchers are getting around 600 raw. I was just corrected Scott Mendelson benched 715 raw, and held raw record also. Plus 1076 equipped.


Mendy held the raw record at 715 for a while.


My bad ,i know he was going for it then just dropping off the scene, didn’t he also do it under 300.


As far as I know Mendelson benched 715 raw at shw and 701 at 308 which still is the world record. According to himself he did 780 in the gym.


Gym lifts are different as far as peaking had be touchy , Jim Williams whose record was 675 apperently did over 700 in training with ace bandages around elbows, and half the American weightlifting team watching inlike 70’s. Kaz apperently did 700 also. Both believable as they both had close numbers in competition,
The one that pisses me off is Isaac Nesser who claims to have thr largest muscular arm measurement 26 inches and claimes to bench 825 in his garage and he rips on guys who compete saying its all drugs. Yet never shows up to show us.
Do you remember Jimmy (the iron bull) Pelichia and his1000 pound benches with like 3 guys helping weight up.


I have found this article


Very interesting,thanks for informing me about his existence, i wish tnation would do more interviews.


Good article thanks Akidara, i forgot he could do all that weight on assistance exercises . Had awsome build could have probably benched 600 raw. Its funny i was good friends with AC, and the reason it made me mad, doing assisted lifts, was because in my mind it was disrespectful to AC.


I just think they had different philosophies and they were actually friends.


@strongmanjoe a bit off topic but since you seem to know most of the old school Texas-area lifters, are you familiar with Jeff Maddy?


In 1987 i got myfirst powerlifting usa, his bench press program i followed kind of i did more assistance then he did bench from 135 august 185 plus by xmas.
In 1998 at the strongest man alive contest st louis, i just weighed in sat down in a chair, then this gaint fucker sat right next to me , taking up two chairs.
He said im not from around here do you know where a guy could find a fur coat, i just looked at him like wtf, then he just started laughing.
He said he was from wyoming and when found out his name i told how much success i had with his bench program.
Any way he was only guy in contest bigger than Phil Makdisi, 6,2 425 also from texas . Jeff was 6,8 510 , my sister and cousin kept remining me how scrawny i looked sitting next to him.
I remember he won incline log press 240 x 60 reps or so which put him in finals. In finals i think he won harness pull. The other events required to much flexibility and cardio. Their were things about that contest and some of the st louis contests i didnt like. But where else do you have Kaz, magnus, ahola, phitzer , Goggins all in one spot.
I remember going to some night club the night after contest and seeing some of these giant guys and looks on the faces of the bouncers when they came in.
I have always thought if any body benched 700 natural it would have been him.


Haha awesome story thanks. I knew he was a big fucker 500+ but didn’t know he was 6’8" too. Any idea if he is still alive? Not much info on him out there.


Critical bench has interview with him. Google jeff maddy powerlifting. I was good freinds with AC and he knew the texas area lifters im from iowa and visited AC a few times. But i spoke with him on phone weekly.