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Anterolisthesis/Powerlifting Career


Hi !

I’m a 20years old, french powerlifter.
I’m in incapacity to train since several monthes (despite of 6hours/day of rehab) due to a grade 2 anterolisthesis (L4 slips forward on L5 by unilateral isthmic lysis) and discs protrusion.
The pain is not a big deal in the daily life, but is in training (wich is my daily life, LOL)

Do you know powerlifters who had the same injury and came back thanks to rehab?
If I must have surgery (lumbar fusion), do you think I will be able to get back and fulfill my goals: IPF international medals.

I know this is not a medical forum, I just want any information by return of experience, if you were or knew people in similar case.

Thank you for reading my text
Sorry for my poor English