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Anterior Shoulder Pain


..following bench press, but not shoulder day. How can I take pec minor out of the pressing movement. I seem to hurt right at the coracoid, and I sometimes hurt here after curls, too.


my bet is someone here will suggest ART to rehabilitate the shoulder.


I get the same thing when I bench. I found a few things that really help...

Stretching for 5-10 mins, with weights...stuff like circles with 5-10lbs plates in each hand...getting the shoulders nice and warm.

Warmup sets...I used to get right into things...but have found that doing systematic warmup sets like 30%, 50%, 75% of my first work set has helped.

Massages...Regular massages have really helped my shoulders. But most people aren't as fortunate to get them free like I do, so do some reading with your girlfriend/wife and have her do it every so often properly.

Ice and Cold Creams...I've found that those blue creams really help with the post workout "trauma" (for lack of a better word). Right before I go to bed I put it on, and sleep bare-shouldered (you're supposed to keep the applied area exposed to the air).

I've also been suggested to have Ultrasound therapy done to breakdown any potential scar tissue there. But I've found that a proper massage can do much the same.

Hope that helps somewhat.


Thanks for the reply, Ill give it a try.


Could very well be bicipital tendonitis or the beginnings of impingement. Are your external rotators, rhomboids, and mid/lower traps up to par?


whats your benching form like?
everyone does bench, but few do it well.
check that first, and if appropriate, eliminate the prolem and the symptoms will go. no use doing massgae on something you are just gonna fuck up again next week


Whetu's correct. You're more than likely internally rotating the shoulders when benching. Internally rotating when benching can build-up adhesions in the teres major. This will cause the other muscle groups, anterior delts,pec minor, to take much of the burden. Make sure you do you're internal and external-rotation exercises to help strengthen these muscles. Keep elbows tucked in close to your sides when benching, not splayed out and don't push the bar back toward your face, this requires internal rotation of the shoulders.