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Anterior Shoulder Impingement

Sup Brahs,
About 6 months ago i started to notice that my left shoulder was always weaker than my right and just felt kind of awkward on most exercises, so i cut shoulders out of my routine, and began stretching my shoulders everyday in hopes it would heal over time. Stupidly, i continued to hit flat barbell bench on chest day. Some days it would be a struggle and my left side would always be lagging and just feel weird. But there was also good days where my shoulder would feel ok and everything went pretty smooth. There was never really any pain in my shoulder though so i just ignored it and kept benching.

Over time it got worse and eventually i had to cut out all forms of chest exercises. Even got to the point where on lat pulldowns my left arm would just feel weak and awkward, just like on bench. It almost felt like there was a knot in the anteroir head of my shoulder. Eventually cut back out of my routine and began just training arms and legs and avoiding pressing movements or anything overhead. went to physio and was told that i had an anteroir shoulder impingement and it was basically causing the muscles in my left arm to “turn off” which was why it feels so awkward whenever i used it. she explained that i had stonger anteroir deltoid muscles than my posterior and that caused my shoulder to kind of pull in towards my body creating a impingent on the anteroir side.

So she gave me a list of exercises to do to help strengthen the posterior muslces which would help pull my shoulder back into regular position and get rid of the impingement. Ive been doing these exercises for 2 months now and i really havent noticed any change. left shoulder still feels like ass, and pretty weak. does anyone have any tips on how to speed up recovery or maybe another way to go about it?? Been looking into cortisone shots recently as well.
Honeslty would take any drug as long as it would heal this fucking injury, im just getting sick of it.
Thanks bois, any response is appreciated.

Try these and look around this guy;s channel, has some great outside the box tips…

If this far gone I’d find a good ART therapist and get a bunch of sessions opening up whole front torso as well as shoulder region

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thanks for the reply brotha!!! gonna give it a go