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Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

This is my first post on this forum, so Id like to say hello to all you guys here!

I came here because I think I may have issue due to sitting long hours in front of my computer (I mean like 8-10 hours, so I am typical computer guy).

Please check out my photos and please give my some advice. Ive been googling, youtubeing, and seeking for the info everywhere.

From what Ive found, I need to strenghten my butt, quadriceps, hamstrings and abs. But what about my arms ? Ive been working very hard at the gym (something that Im proud of), but you cant see that on photos because of my rounded shoulders and protruding stomach.

Please give me some advice and maybe, if possible estimated time of straightening my shit up. (I can perform additional workout twice a day, for about 30 minutes, to correct my posture).

Also, Im about 18% BF (and Im also quite skinny, 75kg). Would you suggest me to firstly put some mass on (in parallel with posture correction), or rip off some fat ?

Your stomach doesn’t really protrude much, your back is just arched. Post your current program and people can suggest changes.

Glutes - bridges/hip thrusts
quads - stretch/foam roll
hams - leg curls/back extension (glutes)
abs - leg lowers/reverse curl-up
lower back - leave it alone