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Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Ive been doing some reading and I have a pretty good grasp of what I need to do to combat this.

The only question I have is in relation to stretching movements. I know that I will need to stretch the hip flexors and erectors and strengthen the lower portion of the abs. Basically. I feel as if my hamstring and glute strength isn’t the issue here (although I guess it could be but I digress).

My question is, what are some good, effective hip flexor and spinal erector stretches?

Also, I am thinking that lunges would be the most effective strength exercise as the back leg hip flexor is stretched, while the front leg’s hamstring and glute is strengthened.

Anything I forgot to add, ask away. TIA.

I can’t find the damn link, but this is my favorite hip flexor stretching exercise/APT combatant.

Get one of those reebok steps and set it up against a wall. Put your front foot on the step and externally rotate your toes about 10 degrees. Step back as far as possible with that back leg, then bring it back towards you about 6 inches, so that you have quite a big stride. Make sure the toes on your back foot are facing forward.

Start with no added weight initally, but I really want you to keep your upper body tall (not hyper extended, as that shortens the hip flexors - imagine you have a string on the top of your head and you are ‘pulling’ yourself upwards.) Now, I want you to really force that top knee forward over the toes of that front foot. Really feel the stretch in that rear hip flexor.

I don’t want you to hold it, just do 12-15 reps on each side. Get right into that end range, as painful as it may be, because that’s the only way to get some benefit.
I also suggest this being your first exercise after your warm up, as stretching a semi-cold muscle as opposed to a warm one will lead to more long term gains.

Now for a stretch, I stole this one from Mike Boyle and use it with a lot of my clients… It’s painful.

This one is better than just the regular half kneel hip flexor stretch as it really gets the psoas involved, because of where that muscle originates, and the placement of that back leg.


Now, if you can’t tell, that bottom leg is situated at a 45 degree angle from the box, while the top leg is swung around to be directly in front. Prepare for some lack of balance, and a really good stretch. Hold this for at least 45 seconds, and do it at least twice a day.

Let me know how things go.

That stretch feels amazingly good. I’ve got tight hips and this is probably the best stretch.

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I really like this strech for a rectus/hf stretch. I usually pull the backfoot a bit more towards my midline, I feel a bit more in the hip flexors that way.

I was kind of wondering why I have had clients that CANNOT preform that stretch adequately, when I know they have incredibly messed up hip flexors. (Hockey players who bike in the off season), now I know. So, you would consider that a bit more of an intermediate stretch for the psoas?

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
The woman in that pic has an unusually high degree of RF and quad flexibility. I know of NO ONE who could attain that position.

Just use a step to elevate the back foot. Reach and twist as in your first psoas stretch to get the upper fibres of the psoas.


I thought the same thing when I looked at that picture, but it was the only one I could find that replicated the action. Obviously I wouldn’t go to that range. I have clients that can get about 12-15 inches from the wall.

Whatever works though.

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It really doesn’t matter what your pelvis is like statically - what’s it like when you’re moving? we’re designed to move or lie down or squat. Standing around, not so much.

“My question is, what are some good, effective hip flexor and spinal erector stretches?”

If you truly believe it’s your hip flexors, do the toe pulls described here - no stretching necessary -

Otherwise, i’d encourage anyone who’s focused in on what appears to be the site of an issue to seek out a trained eye that may suggest the site is not the source of the issue.

A movement assessment canna go amiss. Don’t want to add as gray cook puts it strength to dysfunction

After getting some movement focused rehab going (may be as simple as djm drills like those above) you can reconnect with whatever training program you want.