Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

I am just curious, anyone who has dealt with anterior pelvic tilt, how long did it take you to correct?

I have been trying to address this since I strained my hip flexor back in early September. I am basically doing the warmups from Eric Cressey’s Max Strength before doing 5/3/1. Warmup includes foamrolling everything, static stretching, and mobility work.

I really started feeling activation in my glutes, and hams, which is helping. But I have yet to push myself or go heavy til I feel everything is up to par.

I had anterior pelvic tilt issues. I’ve been working on correcting it since the beginning of August, so almost four months. After a month or two, my glute activation was a LOT better, and I learned pretty quickly how to properly stabilize my spine with my abdominals.

For the past month or two, I’ve moved the focus from lots of static and dynamic stretching and mobility work (which were addressing movement deficiencies and imbalances), to heavy hip extension, knee flexion, and core work (mainly addressing the strength imbalances).

In terms of going heavy - I made the mistake of doing maximal sets of suspended Good Mornings which caused me to injure my back (seemed like a pinched nerve). My situation was interesting, because I’d injured my hip in February and had to take some time off training.

I didn’t do any significant spinal loading from Feburuary until late September, early October, and I was really pushing it with those GM’s. If you’ve avoided spinal loading because of your pelvic tilt, I highly advise you to start slow and build up to heavier weights. It takes some time for your body to adapt to those increased forces.

For #'s sakes, I dropped my maxes to 80% on Squat/Deadlift for 5/3/1, and didn’t go all out on any of the final sets… so technically, the heaviest I’ve went since has been 75% of my 1RM

I am at the end of a deload week. I am wondering what I should do for the next wave’s maxes, or if I should contineu to leave room in the tank by not going for max reps as I have been doing