Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Can anyone confirm that this is APT? I am a sprinter (60/100m) and constantly have hamstring tendon problems, I’m thinking this is probably the cause if it is the case?

If that’s how you naturally stand, yes that is anterior pelvic tilt.

It unfortunately is. What would the implications of this be for a sprinter?

Take a look at this article:

yes this is. u look exactly like i did when i pulled my hamstring multiple times. Basically this means ur hip flexors are tight which shuts off ur glutes. the hamstrings get severely affected because they have to make up for what the glutes are not doing and they are already in a stretched position cuz of the tight hip flexors. to make the problem even worse, if ur very quad dominant like i was u’ll tend to kick out and land more on ur heel which would make it even easier to pull ur hamstring. While i’m still more of a apt, i fixed this somewhat by stretching the muscles around my hip focusing on the hip flexors and doing some glute activation drills. also, the glute ham raise should be performed in every leg workout.

hope this helps and if u have ?'s i’ll try to answer them

What foreva said… but anterior pelvic tilt can actually help a sprinter because it puts the hamstring in better position to exert more force but you seem to have too much of it.

Thanks foreva.

I quite naively left any glute work out of my strength training program thinking that because I squat deep with a wide stance and sitting back that I was hitting my glutes hard enough. Now I’m left with a 230 kg (506lb) below parallel squat yet can’t complete (or come close to) a single unassisted GHR, so this is obviously an issue, so I’m trying to build up to being able to do these

u want to be in a neutral pelvic tilt but shammy is right cuz if u absolutly had to pick between anterior or posterior it’s better to be anterior. i think kelly b. said this also cuz it puts the glutes/hamstrings in a better position.

ur welcome tommartin and if u can do 506 lbs. at below parallel squat and can’t do a single ghr u’ll make great improvements doing them! my first time ever doing them i got maybe 5 or 6 good with bodyweight and after a month of doing it i was up to like 20 lbs.

for reps of 6 and that added an inch on my vert which prolly doesn’t matter for u but still, stronger hamstrings = faster sprint and usually higher vert

Foreva44 is right. May I add and concur: if your not already, you want to foam roll your anterior hip complex, really work on some abdominal exercises that stress your abs and not your hip flexors (this takes lots of practice) and go through some glute activation drills and exercises.

Finally, and feel free to take this however you like, as an athlete I would think you would prefer NO pelvic tilt what-so-ever and more biomechanical efficiency. Before getting too redundent, do lots of the right stretching, and give it some time.