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Anterior Pelvic Tilt & Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Title says it all. Also A few other questions.

How do the Adductors need to be treated with regards to APT?
Should I stretch them or strengthen them or both? I am Foal Rolling them.

What should I do for the External Rotators?

Also I have read that with APT you aren’t supposed to stretch your hamstrings. Once the APT has been corrected is it ok to begin stretching the hamstrings?

One more Question for my friend. We are gonna be deploying in a couple months. It appears he might have posterior pelvic tilt. From what I understand that is extremely rare. What cause PPT? I know it is the result of short hamstrings and lengthened hip flexors but is it caused by sitting for long periods of time?
I can’t decide if he is at neutral tilt or posterior pelvic tilt.


Regarding APT - read this

regrading PPT: I don’t have any specific ideas, sorry.