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Anterior Pelvic Tilt and HGH


Hey guys,

I'm currently 27 years old with serious si joint problems. Due to an injury about 5 years ago I've been in constant pain ever since. I see I'm not the only one on the forums who has similar issues. I've tried pt programs, chiros, been to numerous doctors, had x-rays, MRIs, cortico injections and nothing has helped.

It's gotten marginally better and I recently had about 2 months with relatively little pain, but far from 100 percent. It has however, flared up again and my life is back to revolving around managing the pain.

Results from surgery seem to be abysmal so my options are pretty limited. I've been researching hgh and test stacks for healing injuries and I'm curious if anyone has had any success treating a similar injury this way? All the research seems to suggest strengthening the surrounding muscles for stabilization is the best treatment, however, due to the constant pain and inflammation, this has been impossible in my case. Finding a decent doctor is damn near impossible, let alone finding one who will even discuss hgh or steroids. Any insight would be appreciated.



hgh can heal tendons but I doubt it’ll help in your situation. Find a decent rehab program and persevere


I’m in the same boat. Make sure you’re stretching and strengthening muscles that support PPT, such as ab work and hamstring stuff.


Thanks guys.
My thoughts aren’t that it will heal it per se, but allow me the extra support and expedited recovery while I continue my pt program. I’ve been doing a pt prescribed program religiously for 6+ months, and while it seems to keep me more mobile, it also seems to irritate the si joint to the point it wont heal. If strengthening surrounding muscles is truly the fix, I don’t see how it couldn’t be of benefit.