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Anterior Pelvic Tilt and BBB

Just have to say Big thank you to Jim Wendler for his 531 workout. Before I stumbled on it too years ago I was doing full body splits and seeing no gains. Since doing it my bench 1RM has gone from 60 to 120kg, squat 80 to 180kg and dead lift from never doing it to 160kg and gained a lot of mass. After playing with different assistance templates BBB is the one for me however…

I fear I might be developing anterior pelvic tilt from the squatting is this possible? I have read a few articles online suggesting that front squats fix this and was wandering on my squat days to do 5x10 front squats or maybe stop back squatting all together, Problem is for me my mass and strength gains are the results of intense squats. Let me know your opinions guys.

Not sure about doing 5x10 front squats anyway but let’s think about what’s happening here.

Your pelvis is being tilted forward and the front squats shift more focus to a muscle group which straightens the knee out but also closes the angle between the leg and hip.

I’m not sure that is a great strategy to fix APT. If you want to front squat, great but use rehab methods to fix APT(there is a great article on tnation).

As you previously never deadlifted, you may find as your hams gets stronger and catch up to your other leg muscles, it helps out a bit.

“I fear I might be developing…”

I would go see a doctor or PT that handles this kind of thing. I have no idea what to do/the cure, etc. If I was fearful of something, I would either solve it or confront it.