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Anterior Femoral Glide


When squatting I have an extreme pain in my hip flexors when pushing out of the bottom of the Squat. I always thought that I needed to do more stretching. I have even asked you before about stretches for tight hip flexor ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV4UvSmlNDQ&list=PL7CBCDEFF8472591B&index=91 ) and perform these before each leg workout with my other stretches. I have lost strength and confidence in the lift because I have had to back the weight considerably because of the pain. Do you think I may be experiencing Anterior Femoral Glide?

Because of the pain in my flexors my chest caves and I fall forward in the lift every time.

I know to fix the problem I have to work on my glutes, but I was hoping to get your (and others) opinion on the problem and possible solutions. I’ll post a video if I can.