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Anterior Deltoid Injury

Hi Guys, I have been asked by a friend to put try to find him some help for a lasting and worsening injury that he has sustained.

He is about 5’7 and 75Kg he has been loosing power through his shoulder and it has been giving him alot of pain. He has had to stop all forms of press and it is getting to him as it has then made him feel like a bit of a gimp at the gym. He stopped training properly about 4 to 5 weeks ago and he has lost a significant amount of mass and has lost weight (he was originally about 83Kg). He is going to be going to see a phisio about it but he wanted me to put this up just incase he can avoid the constant visits and loss of income. I will get him to post on my account later about all of the details.

I’m not so sure it’s the anterior deltoid. Often shoulder impingement feels like anterior deltoid.

I’ve had a minor biceps tendon injury that felt like anterior deltoid.