Anterior Deltoid Injury Help

I recall a time when Front Deltoid pain and recovery was a big problem for some of the T-Nation warriors.


It seems that my time has come for the dreaded front deltoid injuries to pest me until a reasonably suitable solution has been found. The injury is most likely due to overuse and lack of mobility in the general shoulder region (right shoulder). Being on the punching bag for the last 8 years probably didn’t help either, but i’m confident that T-Nation has a bunch of long time lifters that can weigh in with some experience on the topic.

The last time I checked in, ToneBone ran with a super informative thread that spawned some awesome advise to fix anterior deltoid issues from which I benefited immensely recently. I am currently following the “90% of the time” broomstick stretch routine, and I am trying to stick to internal and external rotation movements only. I suppose the next step is to focus on muscles of the back/rotator cuff, in hopes of making the whole shoulder joint more comfortable again. The problem is also identifying the best exercises without spending hours to find something suitable among the vast stretch of “bro science” type advise articles out there.

Unfortunately ToneBone has not checked in on the thread for several years, and hopefully I can rely on the T-Nation community to chime in with their thoughts and experience. I have been trying to rehabilitate this problem for several months now and still need to make time to get it checked out. I am 99% curtain that this is something that can be fixed with proper rehabilitation training, but i’m not sure if my intended path will lead to pain free front deltoid movements.

It is most likely a shoulder impingement mixed with a bit of tendonitis and bursitis. All this is accompanied with a nasty popping (clicking) sound that might be associated with the intertubercular groove that hosts the the long tendon of the Biceps Brachii muscle between the tendons of Pectoralis Major on the lateral lip and Teres Major on the medial lip. I assume the popping sound has much to do with the tendon in question and general lack of space in the shoulder pocket.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mavric