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Anterior Compartment Syndrome


At the moment I’m recovering from a long term problem with my shins that was on-going and misdiagnosed several times. I recently learned that it wasn’t shin splints but something called anterior compartment syndrome and was advised not to do weights standing up as this puts pressure on the exact area that is causing the issue, until given the all clear.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to still fit some sort of legs training into a routine with this problem?? I know I was advised not to do weights standing up, but I’m assuming that most leg exercises, even leg press are probably out of the question?

Thanks for the help!

Sorry to hear about the ACS as I have experienced this same ailment years ago when I was in h.s. I still remember how painful it was just to walk down the halls, let alone run up and down the court, around the track, etc. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in to weightlifting much at the time so I can’t really provide much advice. However, I found the tight shin sleeves to be a lifesaver while exercising. I was going from Soccer & XC, to basketball, then to track and I know wearing the sleeves made it much more comfortable. I’m sure your dr. has told you but Anti-inflammatories, ice and a stim unit (if you can get your hands on one) are your friend. Best of luck!