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Antagonistic Training?


I'm doing Waterbury's TBT training and about to start week 2 (antagonistic training week). I know this means switching between a pair of excercises but how do the rest periods split up? Is it A, rest, B, rest . . . or is it A, B, rest, A, B, rest? Thanks guys!




When I do antagonistic training(true antagonistic), to me that means doing chest>back>chest>back, bi>tri>bi>tri or A>B>A>B etc. I have been training this way since I read a article by Coach Poliquin back in the MM2000 days and it seems to be the only way to go...


I know how to separate the exercises as pairs, but what about rest periods during them?


I almost always do chest, rest 60-120 sec>back, rest 60-120 sec then repeat.


You do A, rest, do B, rest, repeat until you're finished those sets then move on the C/D etc.


awesome!! thanks guys


i swear i can feel my body beating like a heart after i've the antagnosit training part of TBT. i can feel myself gettin bigger


I do it like this. Suppose I go for a 3 minute restperiod between sets.

So then I do exercise A, notice the time, take 1 minute rest, do exercise B and take another rest untill the 3 minutes are up.

Training antagonists is a great way to increase your actual work-out time while not giving up on your rest periods.