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Antagonistic Superset Help


Currently I'm on an upper/lower split, with an ''upper'' workout looking like this:

Military Press, Chins, Incline Bench, DB BOR, Dips, Biceps curls.

I'm trying to add some intensity and cut off a little time from my workouts though (currently 50-55 mins, and I want to cut to 45), so I'm thinking about trying out supersets. My question is to whether supersetting like the following will actually mean I'll have to use lower weights and therefore actually decrease my growth?

Military Press / Chins
Incline Bench / DB BOR
Dips / EZ bar curls

Or should the weights I lift still work out the same?



if you are supersetting w/ the antagonist group, your weights shouldnt have to go down, the opposing muscle group should be recovering while you lift you second set


That's what I hoped to hear. Does anyone else train in this fashion? Rate it?


I always do antagonist supersets if i'm in a hurry, and i still usually do them otherwise. i feel more productive since there is much less down time waiting for the next set.

this however, is coming from a lifter with a heart condition who benefits from elevating his heart rate frequently.


totally, it's great for the busy

I claim a squat rack, bring over a set of dumbells and do pullups, squat, shoulder press

day 2 is often deadlifts, then dumbbell bench/ 1 arm dumbell row


i am supersetting my training for about 3 weeks now, and it feels great.Mostly doing movement type in beast building 3 by CT.


Just give it a try with the same weights and time yourself. Same weight in less time is still progression.