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Antagonistic Response To Volume


Today, I was thinking about how fried my hamstrings were and how much I hate training them with higher volume.

That got me thinking about my other muscle groups:
My chest fatigues very quickly, but my back seems as if it could withstand hours of training.
My biceps fatigue quickly, but my triceps also seem to have limitless potential.
Finally, my hamstrings fatigue quickly, but with a bit of rest here and there, my quads could go for as long as I push them.

Has anyone else noticed this about their own bodies?
What interested me most was that they're lumped into antagonistic pairings as opposed to having both biceps and triceps having high endurance while chest and back have low endurance.

Discuss; I'd like to hear how others are built.


From a Dan John old article:

“The tonic muscles are hamstrings, pecs, upper traps, psoas, inner thigh, calf, biceps, and the forearm flexors. The phasic muscles are abs, butt, middle and lower traps, triceps, rhomboids, and forearm extensors.”

It seems like tonic muscle are more fast-twitched (they fatigue quickly), while phasic are more slow-twitched.

Basically, my hamstring fatigue wery quickly, while my quads don’t; I notice that my tri’s seem LESS endurant that bi’s, and chest less than back.


Thanks for that reference. It’s a very interesting point made, especially being observed by the masseuse community as well.