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Antagonist Muscles Training Question

Hello CT,

I’m currently training using your Best Damn Workout principes but in an antagonist way, one day the muscles of the “trunk” (back, chest and shoulders) and the other day the limbs (legs and arms).

I have the feeling (especially the next day) to feel better the muscles worked this way compared to the original plan.

Is there an explanation about that ?

Not CT, but I might have an explanation.

Doing your back work before chest could actually enhance your performance.
Not strenght-wise, but technically.

When pressing, it is essential to retract your scapula. That way your chest will get more of a stretch- therefore rom and it will therefore better work your chest.

Doing your pulling exercises will help you increase the tension in your back and bring said improvements.

OR it might be because you’re actually bastardizing the program and trying to work back, chest shoulders on one day and ARMS on the next?? I hope you realize that you cannot perfectly isolate your arms on a back exercise and the same goes for your chest and triceps.

You’re basically carrying over fatigue from one day to the next, thus “feeling it better”

I know that it’s impossible to fully isolate one specific muscle but the fact is the muscles “I feel the most” are not arms but my chest, my back and my hamstrings…

I get that. But still, your muscles need 24-36h of recovery time.

You’re doing yourself a disservice.

I’m interested in what @Christian_Thibaudeau has to say regarding this topic.
I could be totally wrong too.