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Antagonist For Dips


Is there an exercise where you stand up straight and pull two dumbells up towards you while bending your elbows.a bit like a cheat shrug.I am aware of my limited grasp of phsiology hence why i am a sports science student,but it seems to be the opposite action unless i am missing something.
Just curious as i am quite strong at dips and would like to bring the antagonist movement up to par to maintain healty shoulders. I currently perform bent over rows with a nuetral grip ( palms facing each other.


I usually pair dips with weighted chins/pull ups. I am currently performing chins/dips as one 10x3 day and bench/rows as another. Hope that helps.


It sounds like you're describing an Upright Row. It can be a nice movement, and does lend itself to using a fair bit of body english to power it up. However, it can be hell on your shoulders if they're not already 100% healthy. For that reason, some people (and coaches) don't like them at all, while other incorporate them regularly.


Similar, but the arms are kept down by the sides. sorry crap explanation


Kelso shrugs and reverse flies would be best IMO. You just can't get enough weight on upright rows to counter dips (unless someone really sucks at dips and has huge traps somehow).



I usually pair them with weighted pullups.


If there's a hot vixen in the gym I pair it w/ the Italian Chandelier...


You do what now?